Laura Beet

Laura Beet

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Laura Beet
  • Age:

    I'm 20 years old.

  • Year of Training experience:

    I have about 2 year's worth of training experience within the gym. I am a fully qualified level 2 fitness instructor and a certified spinning coach. I have worked in several gyms and conducted a variety of classes. However, prior to this I used to play a lot of sport and athletics for example, netball, squash, dances classes, sprinting clubs etc.

  • Reason for beginning training:

    A general background in sport and being part of an active family lead me to pursue my level 2 qualification which then inspired me to get more involved in the fitness industry and start training more myself.

  • One sentence that sums up your approach to life and sport:

    'You're one workout away from a good mood' – this kind of mindset can be applied to anything in life.

  • Future goals and plans:

    Continue to train and eat well, potentially aim to compete in a women's bodybuilding show. I also want to dedicate a lot of time to the new Monster Supplements Superstore that I work at, there's still a lot of work to be done as it's only been open a year. My future plans could also possibly include doing a level 3 personal trainer qualification and working in a gym again.

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