Danny Sonnabend

Danny Sonnabend

MMA Expert

Danny Sonnabend
  • I have always had an interest in fitness; from being involved in various sports at a young age to working in gyms and personal training to help individuals achieve their goals and researching the wide range of sports supplements to assist training. I have been part of the Monster Team for some years now, as well as working in my own gym which was part of a martial arts establishment, to now working in a gym, as well as at Monster, which is closely linked to Monster Supplements. I have had a massive interest in body building for some years, but during recent years I have pursued martial arts. I have been involved in the Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) and more recently Defence Labs. I do not consider myself an expert, but am passionate, so hope I can relate to beginners and intermediates, but for those more experienced anything I can’t advise on I work closely with ambassadors such as Graham Cook and Andy Norman; where I have been fortunate to meet and train with people like Braulio Estima; who will support me with their wealth of knowledge. With regards to advising on supplements and training I will definitely be able to guide you. I am also currently undergoing my own transformation, while trying to balance 2 jobs and a family; so also hope I can be someone you can relate to.

  • Age:

    I am 30 years old

  • Year of Training experience:

    12 years’ experience

  • Reason for beginning training:

    I was quite a lean child always running around playing football and then when I got into the gym I didn’t understand the importance of nutrition and training and so started to educate myself and absorb information from people who knew what they were talking about to optimise my results.

  • One sentence that sums up your approach to life and sport:

    To me, family isn’t important- it is everything.

  • Future goals and plans:

    I hope my current transformation is successful, I would like to continue to learn from experts and colleagues to broaden my knowledge and hopefully help others on their journey; whether they be starting out or developing further.

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