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What to wear when your working out.

What to wear when your working out.

Find the perfect selection of gym equipment for your workout, with our growing range of Sport and Fitness Accessories from Monster Supplements UK. From wrist and knee straps to training gloves and kick shields, the Monster Supplements gym range covers almost every training session from amateur to professional level. offer a growing range of clothing including Training Shorts, TShirts, Jogger Pants and Womens Training Tights. Our range of Gym Clothing is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes from all forms of sport and endurance.

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  • Bags


    Lugging around enough gear for two, or just for yourself, It is easy to find the perfect bag for your needs, whether you need one for the gym or working out elsewhere - there is sure to be a bag for you from our selection. Many of the bags from the Monster Supplements range have compartments for your meals and supplements too, so you are never far away from carb or protein top up!

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  • Books


    Reference guides, workout tips and inspirational stories from the pro’s - whatever it is that you are looking for, the Monster Supplements selection of books are going to contain something that you are going to find useful and informative, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an old hand when it comes to working out, and keeping fit in general. Take a look through, and see if anything interests you.

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  • Bottles & Shakers

    Bottles & Shakers

    You are going to need something to store your drinks, shakes and nutrient supplements in, right? The Monster Supplement selection of bottles and shakers are perfect for an active lifestyle. Running, hitting the gym or at home with you, calisthenics and the TV - these bottles and shakers are exactly what you need in order to get the refreshment and nutrients that you need, when you need it.

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  • DVDs


    Looking to complete your ‘Mr Olympia’ collection? Or maybe you want to see how the stars got so ripped? Either way, the Monster Supplement DVD collection has you covered. Have look through these great titles, and see which catch your eye! Whichever title you choose, we know that you will not be disappointed.

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  • Hats


    Keep your head warm in style, whatever outdoor activity you are engaged in. We lose quite a lot of body heat via the exposed areas of our bodies, and if our hands and bodies are protected where are we going to lose the heat from? Cover your head, and keep it warm. Monster Supplement hats are also useful for keeping the sweat from your eyes, so they are great for regular gym use too!

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  • Heart Rate Monitors

    Heart Rate Monitors

    Heart Rate Monitors make great training accessories. Whether completing your warm up or participating in a 3 mile jog, our range of high quality heart monitors will ensure that you can track and map your ever improving endurance levels and ensure that you keep your heart in the right range.

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  • Hoodies


    Hoodies aren’t just for Rocky, you know! Perfect for when you are out and about, running or cycling, and is great for keeping the cold wind, rain and all sorts of unpleasantness out of your face when you are hard at it. Down at the gym, it doesn’t hurt that you will look great in these hoodies from Monster Supplements either!

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  • Gloves, Wraps & Straps

    Gloves, Wraps & Straps

    At Monster Supplements, we know it’s all about training hard but safe. Our range of protective equipment is enough to get you through the most rigorous of training sessions without a scratch. Boxing, training and MMA gloves are of the highest standard, as are our pads and straps. Don’t risk injury, to yourself or anyone else, and make sure you have the proper kit.

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  • Shorts


    Great for boxing, rowing or running - the Monster Supplements range of shorts were built for function as well as form. Insanely comfortable, even our more ‘snug’ shorts are not going to displace anything important - leaving you to workout in confidence… While still being able to show off those legs of yours!

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  • T-shirts


    Most people like to buy dedicated clothing for the gym, instead of one of our favourite shirts, but it can get pretty boring. Once you’ve seen one sports vest, you’ve seen them all. This is where our range of Tees come into play. From athletic to beast, we have all the sizes that you could want - and then some! Take a look at our selection, and tell us they aren’t great!

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  • Trousers


    Shorts aren’t always enough sometimes, and perhaps you just prefer your legs to be covered? Warm legs can help with circulation, and also helps to avoid cramp, so if you are planning a morning run cycle, out in the frost, it may pay to keep your legs covered. Aside from weather concerns, long pants just look good don’t they? We a great range here at Monster Supplements, check them out below.

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  • Vests


    Lightweight, practical and easy on the eye - just when you were getting bored of the workout vest, here comes Monster Supplements with one of the best ranges that you will see this year. You can stay comfortably cool, while showing off your guns with our range of vests. Take a look below, and picture which would look great in your gym!

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