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Subscribe & Save

Subscribe and Save - take the hassle out of shopping and make some serious savings along the way!

Subscribe and Buy is a new service that we offer, rather than come to the site once a week / month to make the same order you can now choose to Subscribe and Buy and in some cases you can Subscribe and Save.

How Do I Use Subscribe and Buy?

Simply go to the page of the product you want, for example PhD Nutrition Diet Whey, select the Subscribe And Buy tab, select the flavour you would like, size, quantity then select how often you would like the product delivered and press subscribe. The item will be added to your cart with the Subscribe and Buy option. When you have finished shopping, checkout as normal and that’s it all done! We will then send you the products you have selected every Month / Week depending on what option you choose.

We have also provided some flexibility with the service and you can perform the following by logging into your account and editing your subscribed products.

  • Change quantities
  • Change frequency
  • Change flavour
  • Change shipping address
  • Change subscription start date

For all FAQ's please click on our subscribe and buy page devoted to the service for more details

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