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We're into the third month of the year already! If your summer diet isn't already in full swing, it might be something you are starting to think about. While fat burners should absolutely not be the foundation of your weight loss protocol, they can add an extra little something when progress begins to stall. For most, reducing calories will have the most pronounced effect on weight loss, followed by increasing expenditure (remember that in-gym cardio isn't the only way to do this, simply walking more can add up!) and, finally, supplements.

Most natural fat burners contain caffeine from at least one source, along with other stimulants. If tolerance is not already very high, the increase in heart rate and fidgeting can have a small effect on calorie burn, especially if consumed fasted, before cardio. Other mechanisms might include raising body temperature, increasing sweating and suppressing appetite.

With those points covered, here are our top 5 fat burners (in no particular order) which contain the highest, most effective doses of clinically backed ingredients!


PhD Nutrition Lean Degree Maximum Strength (Best Value Option)

Just £9.99 for 50 days worth of capsules, one tub will keep you going the entire duration of your summer cut! Don't let the low price fool you though, this supplement packs a punch and is highly dosed in all key ingredients.

You will find a very generous 175mg of bitter orange peel per serving. Synephrine, commonly known as bitter orange, is a potent fat burning ingredient which speeds up heart rate and is especially powerful when combined with caffeine (as in Lean Degree). If you are prone to high blood pressure or sensitive to stimulants, do approach with care. PhD offer a non-stim version as an alternative.

An ingredient which sets this supplement apart from competitors is the 13mg dandelion. While dandelion doesn't have aggressive fat loss properties, it can have a diuretic effect which is helpful for people who find themselves looking puffy and watery from the stress of dieting. It is also a natural, herbal remedy which is less intimidating than alternatives.


Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion (Best Introduction to Fat Burners)

Want something that's strong, but not super intimidating? 160mg caffeine per serving comes in at just over the average zero calorie energy drink can.

This one is highly dosed in l-carnitine which can assist in mobilising fat to be used as energy. More research is needed to determine how significant the benefits are in dieters. Another benefit is that l-carnitine doesn't have the negative side effects that stimulants can have on some individuals.

Furthermore, the addition of chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and helps to maintain blood glucose levels. This acts like a glucose disposal agent in that it will ensure that carbohydrates consumed are directed towards fueling workouts.


TNT Strong To The Core (Something Different Option)

Feel like you've tried every fat burner on the market and haven't got on with any? This one has some exciting 'outside the box' ingredients that you might not have seen before.

Unique blends of trademarked and patented ingredients including: l-tyrosine for stress management (often the reason diets fail or results take longer to show), ginger for improved digestion and reduced inflammation and citrus aurantium (see Bitter Orange under PhD Lean Degree).

£27.99 each



Grenade Black Ops (Pre-Workout Option) 

Not one for the faint-hearted, this one promises an 'explosive workout'... and we can believe it.

This one contains a huge 250mg cayenne pepper and 275mg caffeine!

If you are unfamiliar with cayenne pepper as a fat loss ingredient, it is believed to act as a thermogenic (increasing temperature and metabolism and decreasing appetite) due to the active ingredient capsaicin. One small scale 2014 study with 15 subjects found that capsaicin increases satiety and fullness and decreases the desire to overeat. Studies on metabolism have shown an increase in metabolic rate for up to 30 minutes after ingestion and an overall increase in resting metabolic rate of around 50 calories. While this seems very minimal, if implemented as a tool pre-intense cardio, these effects will add up.

Price is slightly higher at £29.99 for a 25 day stash but well justified if you want one of the strongest fat burners on the market.


Adapt Nutrition Adapto-Lean (All-Rounder)

Still feeling a little confused? This one sits right in the middle of the price range at £22 for 30 days worth. Well dosed in all of your key fat burning ingredients, you can't go wrong!

High in key ingredients including caffeine, cayenne pepper and bitter orange peel. Adapto-Lean also contains 150mg of green tea extract. Catechin. a flavonoid in green tea, can help to break down excess fat. Green tea is also a great natural source of caffeine. Green tea is also high in antioxidants to support general health.

Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before your first meal and 2 Capsules a minimum of 4 hours later, preferably before lunch due to high caffeine content which may disrupt sleep.


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