Efectiv Nutrition Zero Calorie Burn

For this week’s product review, we have the Efectiv Nutrition Zero Calorie Burn, which I found to have a variety of handy uses!

This product is predominantly a weight loss aid product, as it is very low in calories and contains ingredients such as Green Tea and Caffeine which may help stimulate free fatty acid mobilisation and thus encouraging weight loss.

Additionally, this product contains L-Carnitine, which is another fantastic ingredient that may help support weight loss and improving overall body composition.

I found this product to be incredibly useful in terms of hydration around my workouts and any bout of exercise. This is due to me

finding it difficult to remember to take liquids when I’m out and about, as well as forgetting shakers!

The 500ml of liquid along with added vitamins are great for your hydration levels, especially if you’re using this product around your training sessions like I did.

The added 100mg of caffeine is the perfect amount for a controlled energy buzz prior to any training session.

This product was perfect for me before a fasted early morning weight session, and I would also use it before football training or even during a game!

The benefits of this product come in terms of convenience, meaning that you don’t have to carry shakers and powders around with you to mix you pre-workout. Just throw one of these ready to drinks into your gym bag and you’re ready to go.

I also found the taste to be much better than I expected! I’ve found that from similar products in the past, they tend to leave an unpleasant after taste, especially with having added ingredients like amino acids, vitamins and caffeine. However, this product was much different, and tasted just like cordial!

I was also half expecting these to be carbonated, however I was pleasantly surprised that they are still, as I much prefer still beverages around my training sessions.

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