Product of the Week: Brain Works Bars

What's this? A non-protein bar? Brain Works Bars are something completely new and exciting from us at Monster. These are not intended to boost your protein intake, but your brain power! Only launched in 2017, we're incredibly excited to be stocking these innovative snacks. Recommended for exams, yoga and demanding careers, these promise to 'feed your brain and raise your game'!

Per 45g bar:

(may vary by flavour)

215 cal

5g protein

19.4g carb

12.3g fat

and the magic ingredients...

900mg omega 3 fatty acids

magnesium/manganese and copper

The flavours:

-Berry and Nut

-Oat, Peanut and Berry

-Seed and Nut

These bars really are 100% natural. Every flavour has an impressive ingredients list, including oats, honey, fruits and coconut oil, condensed into a handy pocket sized bar.

Brain Power?

Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats with some pretty incredible health benefits. One of the major claims being benefits to brain health.

These omega 3s are most abundant in oily fish, if you are wanting to source them from food. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of salmon and the rarity of it being a daily staple in this part of the world, it is common to be under-consuming them- unless you are already taking a high quality supplement.

Omega 3s are important for brain development from babyhood, and continue to maintain normal brain function into old age. Deficits in EPA and DHA levels have been found with neurodegenerative disorders. Studies have shown improvements in memory with consistent supplementation, especially in conditions that have caused decline. They have also shown improvements in mood, most dramatically when paired with prescribed medication.

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Savannah Westerby, BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. IG:@savannahwesterby
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