Efectiv Nutrition High Protein Waffles

Here we have another recipe for you guys! This time it’s thanks to the delicious tasting, high protein Efectiv Nutrition Whey!

This whey protein powder is a high quality and incredibly affordable option for those looking to increase their daily protein intake.

With a vast array of different flavours, you can make this recipe your own, and go crazy with the toppings to suit your sweet tooth cravings!

Follow this quick, easy and inexpensive recipe to get your sweet treat fix!


1 Scoop – Efectiv Nutrition Efectiv Whey Rasp & White Choc

50g Oats

1 Whole Egg

2tbsp Skyr Yoghurt

1tsp Baking Powder

20ml Soya Milk


Go Crazy with the toppings, use whatever takes your fancy!

I used Low Calorie chocolate sauce, icing sugar and low fat squirty cream.


Mix all of the ingredients into a large bowl, then pre heat your waffle iron and grease with a non-stick cooking spray.

Empty your mixture onto the waffle iron and spread evenly, then close the lid and leave to cook for 5-8mins.

Take out your perfectly cooked waffles and add your toppings to serve!

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