Review: Sinister Labs Caffeinated Chocolate Almond Spread

Another protein nut butter? Yep!

This offering comes from Sinister Labs. With a range including caffeinated and non-caffeinated peanut and almond butters in various flavours, they have put their own spin on a popular concept!

We decided to try the caffeinated chocolate almond spread. We were surprised to see that each serving (34g) actually only contains 40mg caffeine. For a seasoned coffee drinker, this is pretty mild, but we think that it would make a fun addition to a pre-workout meal or breakfast.

The spread, made from a blend of whey proteins and almonds, also contains 12g of protein per serving, much more impressive than other ‘high protein’ nut butters. 13g fat makes a nice addition to a high carb meal (bagels, oats, cream of rice) to slightly slow down its digestion, to avoid spikes and crashes in blood sugar.

This spread gives off a mouth-watering chocolate scent the second you open the jar! When adding a serving to my oats, I was impressed with how much you actually get per recommended serving. I would have been happy with half if I was looking to save some calories. Like other nut butters with whey added, this has a grainy consistency, more like a paste than a butter. I would, however, argue that this would make it even better for spreading on toast, etc., as it would go on easily and evenly. The taste was delicious with just the right amount of chocolate to be obvious but not mask the natural flavour of the almonds. If you want a healthier alternative to Nutella, or aren’t a fan of natural PB, you’ll love this.


Our recommendation: spread on bagels pre-workout or for an energising breakfast!

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Savannah Westerby, BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. IG:@savannahwesterby
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