How Does Coffee Affect Your Workouts?

Did you know that drinking a cup of coffee an hour before you work out can increase your metabolism, burn fat quicker, and give you more endurance? Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, and millions of people drink it every day. The caffeine is the key, however. Caffeine in any form is the primary ingredient that relays the described benefits, and it can be consumed in a variety of ways for the same effects.

A Shot of Espresso With Energy

If coffee is your preferred medium for caffeine, a simple alternative to buying a cup every day is to learn to make your own coffee. Buying in bulk saves you money in the long run, and it'll help you build more muscle at the gym. Quality coffee, like quality workouts, will always produce better results.

The benefits of caffeine on the body are numerous - particularly when working out. Caffeine, in essence, raises your threshold of what a good workout is by giving you more energy and stimulating your central nervous system. This makes you perform at a level above your average without you realizing it. The added energy serves to boost your endurance and strength in the short term, making for a more productive session.

Benefits of Caffeine on Your Workout

Coffee does more than just give you a boost of energy, however. It’s also theorized to help you burn fat more effectively. It moves your muscles away from burning glycogen, a stored version of energy that makes you crash when depleted, and into burning fat cells instead. This can prolong and intensify your workout while also helping you lose weight. Caffeine does still more for your workout by being used as a pain suppressant. Drinking coffee before beginning your workout can serve to blunt your pain responses and delay fatigue.

It is also important to mention not to overdo your caffeine consumption for your workout. Only about 400 milligrams of caffeine should be ingested daily to maintain your health. That’s about four cups of coffee or ten cans of soda for reference.

Coffee does indeed improve your workouts, and some personal trainers swear by it. The active ingredient, caffeine, gives you an energetic boost that delays your muscle fatigue and can help burn more fat calories while elevating your strength to a level slightly above your normal threshold. All this in mind, a cup of Joe before working out might just help you reach your next gym goal.

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