Supplement Spotlight: Warrior DAA

What is it?

DAA (D-Aspartic Acid), as the name suggests, is an amino acid. It is, however, different from the amino acids that was might take in a BCAA supplement, in that it isn't used to build proteins (including muscle tissue). It is, instead, used in making and releasing hormones. Its interactions with testosterone in particular have made it a popular supplement to increase levels, thereby boosting libido, muscle building potential and associated effects.

What does the research show?

Studies tend to show the best results on increasing testosterone in inactive men and men who are starting out with low testosterone levels. It seems to boost fertility, but results on muscle gain are mixed. One of the limitations to studying results on participants lifting weights, is that it is difficult to pinpoint whether they are responding to the supplement or training.

In women, there is little data- although this is probably because the testosterone boosting effects seem to happen in the testes!



D-Aspartic Acid can be found in high levels in
-Soy Protein
-Casein and cheese
-Meats and Poultry, such as beef fillet

Warrior have a capsule form of DAA which can be taken alone or used as part of a stack of natural testosterone boosters. Warrior suggest taking alongside Bulbine.

Four capsules per day are recommended, taken with food. Each capsule provides 750mg of DAA.

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