CNP Pro Test: Guide and Review

Pro Test XTR was released this summer as one of three new capsule products by CNP: Pro GDA, Pro Hypertherm and, of course, Pro Test. Testosterone boosters are nothing new to the supplement industry, but as an umbrella term, there can be vast differences in the quality offered by different products. We would always advise doing a little research into the ingredients and dosages used in a testosterone booster to evaluate how much benefit it can be to you. Avoid proprietary blends, which make it unclear exactly how much of each listed ingredient is available per serving.

Higher testosterone levels are associated with a higher capacity to gain muscle. The hormone is a key driver in muscle growth due to its role in increasing muscle protein synthesis. There are things that can be done naturally to increase testosterone levels, lifting weights is one, and supplementation is another.

So what makes us so excited about this particular product? Well, as we will go on to explain, Pro Test supplies your body with scientifically backed ingredients in a highly bioavailable form which, alongside a resistance training programme and healthy balanced diet of adequate protein and micronutrients, will prime your body for building muscle.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Zinc (50mg) contributes to normal testosterone levels in the blood. Studies have shown that zinc supplementation can raise testosterone in individuals who are not consuming enough zinc through diet alone. It has been also been found to preserve and increase circulating testosterone levels in studies on men in various sports. As zinc is lost in sweat, it is of increased importance for athletes.

  1. D-Aspartic Acid (1000mg) is an amino acid which plays an important role in the release of hormones, including acutely raising testosterone levels.

  1. Urtica Dioica Extract (1500mg), can lead to higher levels of free testosterone in the body by inhibiting SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). High SHBG, especially in conjunction with low testosterone, can result in a decreased ability to gain muscle and to recover from training. High SHGB has been linked to overtraining, emphasising the importance of hormone health.

  1. Fenugreek (1500mg) is a common herb which helps to maintain healthy testosterone levels. It has shown to increase strength, muscle size and lean mass by inhibiting the breakdown of testosterone into DHT. It is particularly useful when taken alongside zinc and magnesium (both included).


Monster Review:

I personally used this product for a month (the entire 30 serving tub), for general hormonal support. I noticed great improvements in sleep quality during this time, which I would assume was down to the 375g magnesium per 3 capsules. At the time I began using the supplement, I was struggling with not getting enough sleep, so the effect on recovery and overall wellbeing was pronounced. It is difficult to comment on how much it contributed to strength and muscle gains without any real numerical data, but I continued to progress my lifts across the board over this month. The only side effect I noticed was very vivid dreams, although this wasn't a problem and worthwhile for deeper sleep.

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