If you haven’t jumped aboard the Battle Bites bandwagon yet, you really should.

The Battle Bites bars are the luxurious sibling to the popular Battle Oats bars and cookies by Battle Oats. Considering the company was only created in 2014, the Battle Bites bars are competing with the likes of the Grenade Carb Killa, PhD Smart Bar and the famous Quest Bars, among many others, to change the game in terms of creating quality, high protein, low sugar snacks that taste as good as their confectionary store equivalents.

As Christmas approaches (is it too early to watch Elf?!) we have been blessed with this limited edition flavour just in time for the festive period. We were eagerly anticipating the arrival of these and wasted no time in unwrapping a bar and giving them a try!

First Impressions

The packaging is great and definitely shouts CHRISTMAS! If you haven’t had a #BattleBite before, these bars are actually two 31g bites, which is great for portion control, sharing or simply demolishing in two separate sweeps. Each bite is covered in crunchy, minty pebbles, sitting on top of a low sugar chocolate coating.

Taste & Texture

Without name dropping other products, the flavour of the Candy Cane Battle Bites reminded me of After Eights. They really are that tasty. The combination of rich chocolate works really well with the minty kick.

The texture is soft and fluffy, the crunchy exterior definitely compliments the squishy interior. They really are a delight to eat!


Weighing in at 62g per pack, each serving contains 226 calories. This includes 20.5g of protein, 15.5g of carbohydrates (3g sugar) and 8.1g of fat (3.7g saturates). These numbers are certainly favourable for anybody on a low carbohydrate diet or generally trying to reduce the amount of sugar they consume. For context a standard chocolate bar can contain around 30g of sugar.

Final Verdict

To summarise, The Candy Cane flavour Battle Bites are in my top 3 favourite protein bars of all time. I would give them a 9.5/10 for taste and the macronutrient breakdown is a bonus too. I would highly recommend these bars for gym goers, athletes or anybody on a low sugar diet. As this flavour is limited edition don’t miss out, give them a try, you will not regret it!

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