PhD Smart RTD Salted Caramel Review

PhD mean business with their Smart range! Every release has created a buzz on social media. The products look great. The flavours sound great. It would be rude of us not to try them!

The latest addition is ready to drink protein shakes available in three flavours; salted caramel (the focus of this review), chocolate brownie and strawberry cheesecake. I’m a sad to see that they didn’t include the peanut butter cup or lemon drizzle cake flavours featured in the powders, the lemon being my personal favourite, but I suspect they could make an appearance further down the line based on the performance of these first three.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Unfortunately, I’m not blown away by what is in these:  Water, Skimmed Milk, Cream (Milk), Milk Protein, head the ingredients list.

No whey? Casein? The ingredients used are pretty cheap options, but, if you want a legitimate milkshake drink, you’ve found it!

Nevertheless, they manage to pack 20g protein into a 330ml bottle. Very similar to a serving of your average shake, but with a much higher fat content (9.9g).

Personally, high fat isn’t an issue for me. But for people who follow very high carb, low fat macros, that could potentially take up a good chunk of your daily intake.

Sugar is low-moderate for the size of the drink at 4.3g.


Taste Test

Really, really tasty!

The kind of thing that gets an audible ‘wow’.

The salted caramel flavour is so rich, you could almost call it butterscotch. The drink itself is very thick and moreish. The downside being how small it is! I’ve never consumed 193 calories so quickly and easily… another please?

10/10 on taste alone.



Nothing to shout about from a health benefit perspective and I do feel it would be possible to tweak these to improve the formula without sacrificing taste.

All of this is forgotten as soon as you start drinking it though. Incredible tasting shake and I’m sure these will do very well and get some excellent feedback from customers.

20g protein is great and these are a good choice to reach for over a less 'clean' treat, when a sweet tooth hits.

I’d like to try the two other flavours to see how they match up!

Overall: Nicely done PhD…

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Savannah Westerby, BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. IG:@savannahwesterby
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