Our Top 5 Autumn/Winter Buys

As the seasons change, why not indulge in some retail therapy to lift your spirits, despite the bad weather? You may even be starting to think about Christmas gifts (too early??). Below, we give our top 5 winter buys for fitness enthusiasts.


MyEndurance Hot Carbohydrate Loader

Something different to pre-game your winter workout here. A warming, tasty pre-workout formula available in sweet oat or cafe mocha flavours, this is a great alternative to a high carb energy drink or gel in the colder months. We would recommend this brilliant supplement to add into your routine before going for a morning run.

Each serving provides: 188 calories,11g protein, 170mg caffeine and amino acids.


MyEndurance Thermo Mug

Pair with your hot carbohydrate loader or simply fill with a coffee to keep you going on the way to work, this is an essential to make it through the colder months! We also think that this would make a great gift for hot drink lovers.


Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge

These handy individual serving pots come with a spoon inside, so you can prepare and take it to your desk at work or eat it on the way to an early lecture! A huge 34g protein, balanced with carbs and just 1g sugar makes these the perfect comforting snack/meal for busy individuals. Add your own peanut butter, dark chocolate or fruit to personalise!

6 flavours available; banana, chocolate, coconut, strawberry, toffee and vanilla.


Gaspari Nutrition AnaVite

Anavite by Gaspari Nutrition is a tasty orange flavoured drink packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Recovering from regular exercise can be taxing on the body and in the winter months, with more illnesses going around, our immune system is under more stress than ever. Support your body with 1-2 servings a day.


The Power Of Me Immune Support

The Power Of Me Immune Support contains high quality ingredients to support and strengthen the immune system. Packed with essential vitamins (B, C, D and E), minerals and probiotics. Pair with a varied diet rich in micronutrients for best results.

2 tablets twice a day will support immune function to avoid falling ill as temperatures plummet.

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Savannah Westerby, BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. IG:@savannahwesterby
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