Applied Nutrition Critical Whey Review

Applied Nutrition have blown us away this year with their new look and the latest additions to their range. One of their headlining products, which will be suitable for anyone reading this, regardless of goal, is their Critical Whey. An ‘Advanced Protein Blend’, this is your go-to, any time of day, source of protein and readily available amino acids.

Applied Nutrition Critical Whey is gluten free, halal certified and has been batch tested for the benefit of natural athletes. One great reason to choose Applied Nutrition over other brands is their excellent customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to make products available to as wide a range of athletes as possible.



Each 30g serving comes in at around 110 calories, normal for this style of whey. 20g protein and low fat and carb levels make it extremely versatile. Can’t stomach breakfast on a diet? A shake of this will do the job to keep you going. Can’t get calories in on a bulk? Blend with oats, peanut butter and banana for an easy to consume meal.

A key selling point is the added amino acids, minerals and B vitamins. If you are often eating on the go, and access to fresh produce is limited, this is a great way to keep your overall health in check.

Critical Whey is a blend, giving it more talking points than a single source protein powder. The blend includes whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey. These undergo more processing than concentrate, to make them virtually lactose, carb and fat free. Their high bioavailability makes them an excellent choice to consume after a workout for how easily they can be digested and put towards growth and recovery from training.

The ingredients list is short and easily understood. I value quality ingredients and transparency in the products I use, which makes this even more appealing.



I have tried chocolate milkshake and strawberry milkshake in this product.

I would describe the shake itself as ‘medium thick’. Proteins high in isolate/hydrolysed whey tend to be thinner due to their purity, but this was balanced out by the % of concentrate in the blend.

I have tried it in both oats and as a shake, and it worked well in both.

Strawberry and chocolate are both common flavours which tend not to differ too much from brand to brand, but this was very tasty. They have some more adventurous flavours available such as lemon cheesecake and white chocolate raspberry for a change up from the usual suspects!


£37 for a 2.27kg tub is excellent considering the quality. It comes in much cheaper than the alternatives by brands such as CNP and Grenade.


By Savannah Westerby

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