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Desk Stretches Will Relieve Aches and Pains Related to A Sedentary Lifestyle

The average UK office worker spends 1,700 hours in front of a computer every year. Sitting at desks for extended periods of time, and using smart phones regularly, may lead to annoying aches and pains, including lower back discomfort, shoulder pain and neck pain. Luckily, there are exercises, known as desk stretches, which may be performed in the workplace. These exercises help to relieve aches and pains, fast. When you combine desk exercises with the right nutritional supplements for pain relief and muscle health, you'll optimize results from your in-office workouts. Now, it’s time to explain how to perform seated spinal rotations, posterior shoulder stretches and exaggerated neck nods.

Seated spinal rotations soothe lower back discomfort

If lower back discomfort is your “desk jockey” health issue, you should discover the healing power of seated spinal rotations. To perform these helpful exercises, remain in a seated position at your desk, and then cross both arms over the chest. Next, grab each shoulder with one hand. Afterwards, rotate your body from the waist upwards. Do a gentle turn from the left to the right. When you turn as far as possible, you’ll feel the lower back stretch out. This will relieve tension in this sensitive part of the body. If you want to try a natural supplement for lower back pain, consider taking Devil’s Claw or White Willow Bark.

Posterior shoulder stretches ease shoulder pain

Shoulder pain may be eased by improving posture. Putting a small cushion behind you while you sit in your desk chair will help to correct your posture. If this quick fix doesn’t help, try a posterior shoulder stretch. To begin, hold one of your arms over your body. Then, pull the elbow of that arm into the chest. When you perform this simple movement, you’ll feel gentle stretching within the shoulder, which helps to soothe the nagging discomfort. Trying a natural supplement which eases pain or boosts muscle health, such as Arnica or Glucosamine, may also be very beneficial.

Exaggerated neck nods ease “text neck”

Too much smart phone usage, including heavy texting, may lead to neck pain that spoils your workday. Fight back by performing exaggerated neck nods at your desk. Begin this movement by closing your mouth. Your upper and lower teeth should touch, but not be clenched together. Then, look upwards, at the office ceiling. While you’re looking up, relax your jaw and then open your mouth. Afterwards, move your head back by another inch or a couple of inches, if possible. Keep the head still. Next, bring the lower jaw to the upper jaw until your mouth closes. This should activate a stretching sensation in your neck. If you want to experiment with supplements, you should know that some users have good results when they take Alpha-Linoic Acid.

Desk stretches offer big benefits

Desk stretches aren’t intended to replace regular workouts at the gym. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t important and effective. When you begin to do seated spinal rotations, posterior shoulder stretches and exaggerated neck nods, and take the right supplements for muscle comfort and strength, you’ll be able to ease aches and pains that relate to your sedentary lifestyle.

This post was kindly provided by Cassie Elwood

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