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Weight loss and fat burning is an extremely hot topic, especially in the summer months when people are trying to get in shape for their summer holidays. 

If you are currently enrolled in a weight loss program or are looking to embark upon your weight loss journey, then give this article a quick read, as this could help you in terms of staying on track with your plan and not getting too disheartened when things don’t go according to plan. 

It is important to note that daily weight fluctuations should be taken with a pinch of salt and obsessing over those numbers on the scales can be quite damaging to your overall goals and motivation levels. 

As you can see on the image to the right, my own personal weight loss could fluctuate by up to 5lbs day by day, which can be quite confusing and disheartening at the best of times, especially if you’re sticking to your plan to the letter! 

However, this is all part of the journey, and is to be expected when you are attempting to stimulate your body into change. 

A great way of ensuring this weight trend remains constant is to incorporate some form of fat burner product into your daily regime. 

The benefits of these fat burners are that they are packed full of stimulants, which not only boosts your metabolism and heart rate to burn calories, but also gives you that much needed energy boost that we often lack on a calorie restricted diet. 

For my weight loss program, I used the XL Nutrition Xtra Therm fat loss support formula. I found that

when using this product upon waking and before any bout of exercise, my energy levels we

re vastly improved, meaning that I could train harder for longer as well as benefiting from improved cognitive function, enhanced nutrient uptake and increased heart rate levels. 

It is important to note that Fat Burner products should not be relied upon and should not be the main factor in your weight loss program. These products are simply an addition and are to be used in combination with a healthy balanced diet and effective exercise regime. 

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