Lenny & Larry's Birthday Cake Cookie Review

If you’ve been on fitness social media for a few years now, you probably recall the obsession around Lenny and Larry’s cookies circa 2013/14... and the controversy their labeling caused- but we’ll get to that!* The huge vegan protein cookies are vegan, GMO free, egg free and soy free. Not something you see often. Birthday cake is one of their more recently released flavours, and we couldn't wait to try them.

This flavour seems to be huge in American protein products (L&L being a US brand) and has finally begun to trickle down into UK brands. Essentially, like red velvet, it is a variation of vanilla. With sprinkles. Which make everything better. For that added authenticity, these also have ‘natural butter flavour’ listed in the ingredients, so we were expecting a legitimate, nostalgic birthday cake taste. Also worth mentioning, the packing for these is adorable!



*Here’s the catch… the 16g protein claim is for the entire cookie. Which we would expect from a single serve pack, right? But the nutritional information given on the back is for half of a cookie… bringing the protein down to 8g. Half a cookie is also 200 calories, 5g fat, 32g carb.

At 64g carbs and 10g fat for a full cookie (as, let’s be honest, not many people are going to carry half a cookie around in their bag) this is certainly not what you’d call ‘macro friendly’. 400 calories is actually more than you can expect from a single cookie from most supermarket bakeries.

While this could be off-putting for those who want as much volume as possible from their foods, that’s not everyone’s goal! For those struggling to get calories in, or looking for all-natural vegan treats, let’s get down to the important thing: how does it taste?


Taste Test

Wow- Lenny and Larry’s have hit the nail on the head with the texture of these! Even straight out of the packet, they are soft and chewy. We can imagine that these would be on a whole new level heated up with low calorie ice cream.

This interpretation of birthday cake is a very sweet vanilla with a little crunch from the sprinkles. Having tried almost all of the range myself, I still stand by snickerdoodle as my favourite, but this is excellent nonetheless and a product that you could buy a box of and enjoy every cookie just as much as the first without getting bored.

Unfortunately, the macros ruin these slightly for me. While I can appreciate the quality of the ingredients used and benefits in terms of actual ‘health’ over other protein snacks, ultimately they're just not something I could justify implementing into my diet on a regular basis! I’d still class these as a treat food.

Taste: 9/10

But, if I was looking at the bigger picture and how they are marketed, they would lose a point or two.

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