Facing the Midday Slump: Tips to Help You Boost Your Energy throughout the Day

Many of us are familiar with the midday or 2pm slump. Feeling tired or lacking energy throughout the day is a common problem experienced by many Britons, and their counterparts across the world. In a study by Healthspan, it was found that Britons spend almost 3 hours each day feeling tired. Accumulated, that is six weeks each year that they go through their lives feeling fatigued and drained. For workers, this can pose a dilemma for their office productivity and in some cases, affect their family lives. Whether it is stemming from lack of or poor quality of sleep, side effects of stress or the effects of a gruelling training routine, we are constantly in search of ways to give ourselves that boost when it is needed. If you are one of the thousands on the hunt for simple ways to boost your energy levels throughout the day, take a look at these suggestions.

Your Diet Is a Powerful Tool

What is one of the ways you get your energy? From your diet. The foods we eat and the nutrients they contain is converted into energy. Based on this, it makes sense to eat the best kinds of food to for your energy levels. Eating a varied healthy diet is a key component to so many other parts of your life. It is important that you not only choose the right foods but also choose the right portion sizes. Too little calories means less energy while a calorie overload equates to slow metabolism and an after lunch slump. Be sure to stick to the recommended calorie intake for your age, gender and activity levels.

Incorporate energy boosting foods rich in iron and protein such as oily fish (salmon is a great example), nuts and dark leafy greens into your daily diet. Whole grains have a low glycemic index, and are great alternative to carb laden sides. They release a steady stream of energy throughout the day and leave you feeling satisfied for much longer. As a bonus, whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and whole grain breads are rich in fibre. Finally, snack smart when you are at the office.  If you find yourself feeling peckish skip the sugar laden and processed foods. Instead, keep power boosting snacks such as almonds, red peppers and hummus or fresh fruit such as bananas on hand.

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

It is important that your body gets the vitamins it needs. Consider the suitability of multivitamin supplements including B12 and krill oils to assist you in improving your focus and combat the cause of your energy drain. Certain vitamins and minerals including vitamin D, magnesium and iron are essential for boosting energy. A simple walk and exposure to sunshine can help to get you your recommended daily dose of vitamin D. However, if you find yourself facing cold wintery days or unable to hit your recommended doses using your diet, consider incorporating a multivitamin supplement into your daily routine. Widely available at any health store and online, they can help you make up for any lacking vitamins your body needs.

Inactivity Breeds Fatigue

Lastly, a great way to get not only your body but also your mind feeling active again is to move around. Taking a quick lunchtime stroll is a great way to stimulate your body. With the release of endorphins, we can find our mental clarity is improved and even there is even a boost in physical energy levels. A study at the University of Georgia found participants experienced less fatigue by involving in at least 20 mins of low to moderate aerobic exercise three days a week. So, grab a colleague and take that walk after lunch or even walk to the shops to get yourself a drink before lunch. There are so many simple ways to incorporate exercise and activity into your day.

So before reaching for that cup of coffee, try these simple tips to help you tackle fatigue throughout the day. With a few adjustments and healthy habits you can eliminate the dreaded after lunch crash and get your productivity where you want it. Get started today and watch your energy levels soar.

This blog post was kindly provided by Cassie Elwood.

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