Supplements around a Hockey Match - World Cup Edition

In celebration of the Hockey Women's World Cup taking place July-August in London, we are going to discuss recommended strategies for supplementation around a hockey match.
The Women’s Hockey World Cup, as an FIH event, first took place in France in 1974. Since then, 13 champions have been crowned. This year, England will be playing in Pool B, alongside the USA, India and Ireland. With plenty of expectations on England's shoulders, it is sure to be an event not to be missed!


The consideration here is that any pre-workout supplement taken should not come with a 'come down' effect. Energy levels need to be maintained throughout the duration of the match, therefore, simply loading up on stimulants is a risky move to make. For a more intelligent approach, we would recommend consuming something well dosed, ideally with added BCAAs and electrolytes as hydration during play isn't always an option.

The Power of Me Pre-energiser is designed specifically for athletes. It will fuel the muscles from start to finish with 5g BCAAs, 200mg caffeine (a moderate amount which will be effective without the stimulant effect being initially a shock to the body and wearing off), citrulline and arginine to increase time to fatigue, beta-alanine to increase muscular endurance and, finally, salt, to prevent muscle cramps.

Half Time

Half time or breaks from play offer a valuable window to 'top up' energy reserves and water. As the time frame is so short, it is easy to make mistakes which can actually leave you feeling worse than you would have done staying on the field! Ease and speed (both to comsume and digest) are the key factors here.

Water and electrolytes should be consumed immediately to replace any lost through sweat and respiration. Around 250-500ml of liquid should be enough to replenish lost water without over-hydrating and feeling sick and uncomfortable as the game resumes.

We would also recommend a high carb energy bar for quick calories which are easy on the digestive system and won't weigh you down going into the second half. Energy bars are usually very calorie dense, which is to say they fit a lot into a small, easily consumed bar. Glycogen in the muscles is broken down and used as fuel while playing, in order to keep the standard of gameplay as high as possible, it is vital that we replace this in the form of glucose.

High 5 energy bars contain carbohydrates mostly from fruits, which are high in natural sugars and low in fats, which slow down the breakdown of other macronutrients.


Post-match nutrition should be focussed around carbohydrates and protein with minimal fat. CNP Pro Recover* is an excellent shake to meet those needs until a solid meal can be consumed, as this may be delayed by post-game rituals and proceedures.

Pro recover combines high GI carbs and 23g of fast acting proteins from hydrolysed whey to offset the recovery process right away. They've also added vitamin C for its anti-oxidant properties and immune health benefits.

*CNP products are World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) compliant and tested by LGC (formerly HFL Sport Science), so can be trusted when using as a drug tested athlete


At Monster, we want to wish UK teams the best of luck over the course of this year's Hockey Women's World Cup!

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