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Testosterone. The primary male sex hormone, also found in much lower levels in women. High natural testosterone levels are associated with a higher potential to gain muscle mass (this also explains why women are extremely unlikely to accidentally get 'bulky'). Testosterone levels are influenced by a number of factors, from genetics and deficiencies to natural decline with age after peaking in adolescence and young adulthood. Low testosterone levels in adult males can lead to decreased muscle mass, increased fat storage and an overall less pleasing body composition... and that's just on the visual side of symptoms!

Low Vs Healthy Testosterone Symptoms

As you can imagine, low test levels are not at all optimal for the athlete wanting to build strength and/or size. Thankfully, one of the most effective ways to naturally increase testosterone is resistance training. Another option is supplementation. Here we discuss some of our favourite products on the market right now and why.

Adapt Nutrition Testo+

An incredible test booster with clinically backed ingredients and added supportive vitamins and minerals. The main ingredient here is aspartic acid, an amino acid which plays an important role in the release of hormones, including acutely raising testosterone levels. Each 4 capsule serving gives an impressive 1500mg dose.

PhD Nutrition Test Matrix

Another great option from trusted brand PhD. Noteable ingredients include, D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek and Zinc. Zinc can assist in treating lower than normal testosterone levels and zinc deficiency.

Grenade AT4

Our most expensive option at £28.99, Grenade is known for the quality and attention to detail with their products, even down to the awesome packaging! AT4 uses fenugreek, a herb popularly used for its test boosting effects. Fenugreek has shown to increase strength, muscle size and lean mass by inhibiting the breakdown of testosterone into DHT.

Beast Yourself Testo Beast

A unique product in that this comes in the form of a great tasting powder with just 52 calories per serving. Not everybody likes taking capsules or finds them easy to remember, so a couple of servings of this a day (morning, evening and pre-workout are preferred) is a great tasting treat which will do wonders for your body. Vitamin B6 is present for normal hormone regulation, alongside B12 and D which are excellent for overall health and difficult to consume in adequate quantities through diet alone.

Take home points:

Before self diagnosing hormonal imbalances, always see your GP and have regular blood work done. Some symptoms of low testosterone can be severe and affect health and relationships in your life. It is also important to remember that these supplements are not the same as taking testosterone (illegal steroid). What they can do is support the restoration of normal levels.

Be sure to combine these with a resistance training programme and micronutrient rich diet, hitting enough protein every day, for best results.

You may want to stack your test booster with other supplements such as a whey protein and creatine.


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