The Ultimate Protein Bar Guide

Unsure on which protein bar to purchase to support your goals while tasting amazing? Here at Monster, we sample all of the new additions to our site so that only the best products on the market are featured. This guide will give you a straight to the point outline of which bar you should be spending your money on and why!


Low carb- Grenade Carb Killa Bars

The most popular bar around? Maybe so. And for good reason! Macros from flavour to flavour vary slightly but as a rule these come in at under 15g carbs with under 2g from sugar. Most bars are also just over 200 calories. A winner all round, Grenade have created a truly tasty bar with plenty of texture and flavour which is diet friendly.


Vegan/non-dairy- PhD Nutrition Protein Supergrain Bars

PhD Nutrition Protein Supergrain Bars are made up of grains and seeds alongside vegan protein for a moderate 10g helping towards your daily protein requirements. Get yours here.

High carb- CNP Professional Pro Flapjacks


Each hefty 75g bar weighs in at under 300 calories with 18g protein and 38g carbs. These are perfect as a post-workout snack to restore glycogen levels, or to replace a small meal when struggling to get calories in through the day. They are also one of our best value bars. 24- yes, 24, bars are currently priced at just £14.99!


Cookie- Sci-Mx Pro 2GO Cookie

Team bar or cookie? For those of us who vote cookie, you won’t find much better than these *hint: oatmeal and raisin are our favourite*. Available in two sizes, 50g or 75g cookies, you can fit these into your diet no matter what your goals are. The macros in these are pretty well balanced making them a brilliant snack choice any time of the day!


Craving killer- PhD Nutrition Smart Bar

If you want something to replace a chocolate bar, you won't find something which tastes much more like the real deal than these! A crispy chocolate coated outside with a softer centre, these are incredibly indulgent... all while being under 250 calories with 20g protein.

Natural- Reflex R-Bars

These bars are free from palm oil, GMO, soy protein and artificial ingredients. The ingredients list includes almonds, cocoa butter and stevia. The texture of these is soft and buttery, quite unlike any other bar we've tried! Get a box of 12 for just £21.98 here.

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