Blend Bros Sauces: Review

The market for sugar free, almost calorie free sauces and syrups is one which is growing pretty rapidly. And I am here for it! We are all looking for little hacks to make dieting bearable, and if you can save non-essential calories on things like condiments, without sacrificing too much taste, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

Blend Bros

Blend Bros is a family run business producing diet friendly sauces, their current range includes; sweet chilli, piri piri, smoky BBQ and ketchup- all common favourites.

By popular demand, Blend Bros will soon be joining the range at Monster Supplements!

We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to sample these before they hit our stores, to ensure that they taste just as good as they sound.



I received a bottle of the sweet chilli, the flavour which I was most excited for as supermarket options are often extremely high in sugar to achieve the flavour needed. Blend bros describe it as ‘a sweet and tangy Sauce with a blend of red chilli, garlic & ginger’.

15ml of the sauce contains just 5 calories with negligible macros (under 1g of fat, carbohydrate and protein). The ingredients really do include purees from chilli, garlic and ginger which was lovely to see as plenty of these kinds of products are purely artificially flavoured! The low calorie content assumedly comes from sucralose being used to create the sweetness.

I personally loved this sauce. While I prefer to apply it quite lightly (not a bad habit to get into if you’re trying to spare calories) to keep the sweetness from becoming a little much, the taste is just like that of a high quality, sugar loaded sweet chilli sauce!




I give this particular sauce a strong 8.5/10 and can't wait for us to be able to share the range with MS customers!

Watch this space...

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