Sci-Mx Protein Snacks Review

Sci-Mx Pro 2GO Cookie

£9.99-£11.99 for 12 cookies

We’ll start with my favourite of the entire Sci-Mx range here- the oatmeal and raisin cookies. For me, this stands out from the other two flavours as it does the best job of convincing me that it is, in fact, a sugar loaded bakery cookie, and not a macro friendly alternative! The cookies contain chunks of whole oats and plenty of raisins scattered throughout. I imagine that this would be even better slightly heated in the microwave! 9.5/10

The other two flavours, chocolate chip and strawberry white chocolate, are both tasty options which I would eat again. However, I would be unlikely to buy a full box. 7/10

The cookies come in two sizes, the larger sitting around the 300 calorie mark for a 75g cookie. They are surprisingly satiating though so, although they are bordering meal replacement territory for some, are a great handy treat to take to work or eat on the go.

23g protein and 4g of sugar for the size is also great.



Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Bar

Currently just £16 for 12 bars!

Similar to carb killa bars, these contain a triple chocolate layer and have plenty of textures and tastes going on, making them seem like the real deal!

Slightly higher calorie than your average carb killa, but still only 253 per bar, these are perfect to appeal to the market of people who want something to replace their favorite chocolate bar when they reach for something sweet mid day.

Nutritionally, there are pretty good! 21g protein, moderate sugar at 7.4g and an 8.3g dose of fibre to keep you full for longer!

I expect to see a lot more of these bars as more and more people learn of their existence.




Sci-Mx Pro 2GO Oat Bake

Something quite different to your usual bar here- nice work from Sci-Mx spotting a gap in the market!

Another bargain product at just £12.99 for 16 bars right now.

Available in two flavours; cookies and cream and strawberry cheesecake, I thoroughly enjoyed both of these bars, even more than I expected to in fact. They are reminiscent of yoghurt coated flapjacks from my childhood and sit just under the 200 calorie mark at 199 each, making them easy to fit into your day guilt free.

Sci-Mx have done a great job at preventing these from being dry, possibly due to the addition of honey. Nonetheless, they are impressively low in sugar and fat and they have managed to squeeze 15g protein into the compact 50g bars!

There is definitely a market for these and I’d love to see them in more flavours… chocolate peanut butter? Blueberry muffin?


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