Bulking on a Budget #1

Gaining weight, especially lean muscle tissue, can be not only a very tricky task, but also expensive. To gain weight you’re going to need to maintain a consistent calorie surplus, which can mean consuming 4,000+ calories per day, depending on the individual.

To make your life easier, we have put together a list of products that will aid you on your journey to become the Incredible Bulk, while not breaking the bank. We have selected sizes which work out as the cheapest per serving, so even though the total cost of the stack may not suit all budgets, you'd only have to purchase the stack once every 2 or 3 months!

Whey Protein

The Whey Protein we have chosen is Xtra Whey by XL Nutrition. A 133 serving, 4kg bag of Xtra Whey, is priced at just £35.99 at Monster Supplements. This works out at just 27p per serving!

A 30g scoop provides 21g of whey protein concentrate, which is hugely beneficial for muscle gain, due to the essential amino acids, mainly Leucine, for protein synthesis.

Grab it here – Xtra Whey


Carbohydrate Source

We have selected a very cost effective carbohydrate supplement by Optimum Health. The Ultimate Carbs will cost you just 11p per serving, if you select the 4kg bag at £14.99.

A 30g scoop will provide you with just under 30g of fast absorbing carbs, best used in addition to your post workout protein shake to replenish glycogen stores and aid recovery.

This product can also be used to reach your daily calorie or carbohydrate goals. It's not always easy to eat high amounts of carbs, esepcially when you're eating a high volume of meals throughout the day, so geting them in liquid form can make your life a lot easier!

Click here.




Creatine supplements are possibly the most studied supplements on the market. If you want to boost performance in the gym or on the field, use a creatine supplement daily. For this stack I would recommend a creatine monohydrate, and the product I’ve selected is the Pro Creatine by CNP.

Studies show 5g of creatine monohydrate taken about 60 minutes post workout increases strength and boosts recovery.

Priced currently at £12.99 and packing 100 servings, this is a great value for money option. Get it here.


Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter (PB) is a great option to bulk up your daily calories as it is a very calorie dense food. PB is an “all-rounder” as it naturally contains a great ratio of the three macro nutrients. I’ve chosen the Meridian, which comes in crunchy or smooth. It’s 100% peanuts, and is also palm oil free which is a bonus. The price of this product is £6.99 for 1kg, which works out at around 23.3p per 30g serving.

The Meridian PB not only tastes great, it is extremely versatile and can be added to baking recipes, used as a spread on pancakes or other bakery products or eaten straight off the spoon! If you go for 50g per day will pack 298 calories, 23g of fat, 14.8g of protein and 5.8g of carbs.

Check it out here!

The total cost of this stack is £70.96, which gives you a total of 396 servings, that's an average of under 18p per serving, quick maths!

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