Product of the Week: Feel Free Vegan Protein Porridge

Kicking off our new ‘Product of the Week’ feature, we have the Vegan Protein Porridge by Feel Free Nutrition in Cookie Dough flavour.

‘Protein’ cereals and oats have become something of a trend recently, with supermarket shelves full of options. Much of this is however a marketing gimmick as you’ll quickly realise that the products often only contain 5-10g of protein per serving, hardly something to brag about! Unlike these, the Feel Free porridge has a huge 22g of protein per 75g serving sourced mostly from a blend of soya and pea protein.

This leads us nicely into the next selling point for the product. It is completely dairy and gluten free and suitable for vegans. There are added ‘superfood’ greens including chlorella and spirulina to help you hit micronutrient goals with ease and the oats are sweetened with both stevia (a more natural and unprocessed zero calorie sweetener) and sucralose.

As for the taste, these are certainly cookie dough. If you are a fan of dense cakey oats, as I am, you will love these. The consistency is almost like a thick batter and reflects its flavour.

These come in handy single serve tubs which are perfect to take to work for breakfast or throw in your bag for a snack on busy days!

Get yours here.

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