Kris Gethin's Muscle Building Series: Legs

During my exclusive KAGED MUSCLE Building Series for Monster Supplements, I’ll be giving my best tips away to quickly develop more muscle mass. Given that leg day is my favorite workout of the week, the first installment is going to begin at these pillars of power. My reputation for sadistic leg workouts only expands as the years pass.

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High Volume

My leg workouts are always high volume. The quads are one of the strongest and biggest muscle groups in the body so it stands to reason that they can take a lot of punishment. Very few men could inflict enough damage on the quads in a low volume workout, which is why I tend to prescribe high volume training on leg day. I like to punch out set after set regarding it as another step towards forging the pathway between my muscle and brain, which only heightens the amount of muscle activity within my quads.

The extra physical stress that high volume leg training puts on my body encourages higher anabolic hormone secretion. This is the body’s natural way of supporting recovery after being exposed to something so traumatic.

High Reps

The point at which I made the transition from exclusively training with the typical “bodybuilder” rep ranges of 8-12 per set, to 20, 30, 40 and even 50, my quads quickly evolved. There are enormous amounts of slow twitch muscle fibers in the legs, especially at the front of the thighs. Daring to go into the higher in the rep ranges opens up new windows of opportunity for hypertrophy, as millions of people have discovered with my infamous DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) Below is a sample DTP leg workout with an explanation as to what the Dramatic Transformation Principle offers.

Be Spontaneous

I love to arrive in the gym, smell the air and decide upon what I’m going to do in that very moment; the only common denominator is that it’s always mass-destruction. Leg training requires spontaneity, especially with exercise selection. My advice; rotate the movements between workouts so that the quads have to work tirelessly through every plane of motion possible. This includes using exercises which are naturally more challenging.

Go Beyond the Pain Threshold

With the physical necessities discussed, no quad training guide would be complete without some reference being made to the merits of cast iron mental capacity. To truly experience uncompromising quad trauma, the mind has to be willing to forgo the luxury of quitting as the pain gathers.

DTP Leg Workout

To give you something tangible to experience, below is a sample DTP leg workout. DTP stands for “Dramatic Transformation Principle” - a training system I devised many years ago which has helped millions of people around the world achieve life changing transformations. Low and high reps are combined together to destroy every muscle fiber in the body while burning enormous amounts of calories due to the volume and intensity. There’s nothing like experiencing DTP for the first time on leg day!

Leg Press:

Set 1 - 50 reps

Set 2 - 40 reps

Set 3 - 30 reps

Set 4 - 20 reps

Set 5 - 10 reps

Hack Squats:

Set 1 - 10 reps

Set 2 - 20 reps

Set 3 - 30 reps

Set 4 - 40 reps

Set 5 - 50 reps

Ten working sets is all it takes to crush the muscle using DTP. Increased cell swelling, sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and fascia stretching are all byproducts of this iron-inducted savagery. On the higher rep sets, keep rest intervals to between 60 and 90 seconds. In the lower rep ranges take 2 to 3 minutes. This allows the ATP energy system and fast twitch muscle fibers to recover enough, ready to perform at their highest capacity.

Building the Right Foundations: Nutrition & Supplements

Building muscle is as much about the food and supplements you consume as it is training intensely. In each segment of this KAGED MUSCLE Building Series I’m going to provide some guidance on eating for size, along with two of my favorite supplements.

Protein is the first vital consideration for building muscle. Regenerating muscle tissue after intense training relies heavily upon enough leucine rich protein, consumed every three hours for best results, in my experience. The daily protein goal should be between 1.25g and 1.5g of protein per pound of lean body weight, to sufficiently saturate the body with anabolic amino acids. To realize this goal through solid food alone is a tough task, which is why protein supplementation is essential.

Every day I consume KAGED MUSCLE RE-KAGED protein after my workouts, sometimes again during the day for added convenience. Every serving provides 28g of ultra-premium protein. It’s carefully processed at low temperatures to protect the integrity of the protein content, something many whey protein formulas fail to do. For better recovery, there is also fermented glutamine, patented creatine HCl and BetaPower (betaine) included in the









The second supplement I rely on every day for muscle growth is KAGED MUSCLE fermented Glutamine. It is synthesized from plant extract rather than synthetic forms in


cluding human hair and duck feathers—methods most supplement companies use when creating glutamine. KAGED MUSCLE Glutamine is of premium grade giving absolute piece of mind that it has unrivaled purity.








This concludes the first installment of the KAGED MUSCLE Building Series for Monster Supplements. Marrying advanced training protocols; DTP and consistent nutrition are at the heart of building size, especially legs. In part two of this series I’ll explain how you can build a huge back.

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