Which Protein Supplement?

With the huge array of protein supplement available on the market right now, let’s simplify your options so that you can decide what is right for you!


Goal: gain mass quickly

Product: Mutant Mass

Things to know: Mass gainers should be used as a last resort if you are unable to get enough calories in to gain size through quality, calorie dense foods such as steak, granola, peanut butter and salmon. Mass gainers are high in both protein and carbohydrates with moderate amounts of fat, to make it easier to maintain a calorie surplus as well as fuelling better performance in the gym.








Goal: meal replacement

Product: PhD Woman Meal Replacement

Things to know: Similarly to how a mass gainer won’t magically make you gain muscle, a meal replacement won’t guarantee weight loss. If, however, you are someone who doesn’t struggle with hunger much during a diet and don’t always have time to prepare meals, they can be a good option for a balanced ‘meal’ with low sugar content.




Goal: all-in-one

Product: PhD synergy 

Things to know: synergy is an excellent all round protein supplement, it is a protein blend with added vitamins and creatine (read up on the benefits of creatine for power and strength athletes if you are unfamiliar with it!). High protein, moderate carb and low fat, it is a great option to take at all times of the day and combines several products for better value.







Goal: Dairy free

Product: Reflex Nutrition Vegan Protein

Things to know: whether lactose intolerant, vegan, or someone who simply suffers from bloating after consuming whey, this protein is a great option. Sourced from peas, it has less than 100 calories per serving as well as being low carb and fat. Who said vegans can’t get enough protein?!







Goal: slow digested protein

Product: PhD Nutrition Micellar Casein+

Things to know: if it is most convenient for you to use a protein supplement before bed, or when you have a long time to wait between meals, casein may be a good option for you. With added vitamins and minerals, this product has a similar nutritional profile to other whey proteins but is not digested as quickly, to keep you satiated and prevent catabolism.







Goal: basic, all round protein

Product: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

Things to know: A product that has been immensely popular for many years, Gold Standard whey is a quality protein supplement with no hidden ingredients. Ideal if you simply want to increase your protein intake!

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