An Easy Way To Meet A High Protein Diet - By Amy Boyington

It hardly needs stating that a high protein diet is necessary to improve your physique, health, or fitness. This nutrient is quickly becoming the most prioritised ingredient in any health or weight-conscious diet.

However, maintaining a high protein diet can be surprisingly tough. This is especially true for diets focused on weight loss.

Chicken, turkey, or even beef, aren't always easy to eat in large amounts. They also do little to satisfy cravings for some foods, like chocolate or starchy carbohydrates.

This can make it tough to stay consistent with your diet, especially when you're trying to gain large amounts of muscle or lose fat. This is a shame, as higher protein intake can boost recovery from workouts, quench hunger, and may improve mood.

Fortunately, protein supplements have advanced significantly over recent years. Where people used to have to force eggs or meat into their diet, they now have a range of products to choose from.

Some of this substitute, protein-enriched foods are also indistinguishable from their conventional counterparts. So, following a high-protein diet is now more manageable and more sustainable. Shopping the right way can also make it affordable.

Below, we lay out the sweetest forms of protein you can use to replace any “comfort foods” or satisfy any cravings you have. Replacing your normal choices with these foods can help you make more progress in your next program, as well as maintain this progress long-term.

The Sweetest Forms Of Protein

1. Protein Shakes And Powders

The oldest, and most popular, form of protein supplement. Protein shakes and powders top the list due to both their sweetness and diversity. These drinks can easily be added to any meal or used as a meal replacement.

Meanwhile, protein powders can be included with almost any recipe to make them sweeter and more nutritious. Everything from porridge in the morning, to ice-cream in the evening, can be booted in protein content by adding whey protein or casein for added taste.

2. Protein Bars

Protein bars have seen a surge in popularity recently. This is mainly because their taste and texture have improved substantially. Where they used to be thick in consistency, and more starchy than sweet, they now closely match ordinary snack bars.

This makes them an easy substitute for chocolate or candy bars, which are one of the most popular foods for snacking and emotional eating.

A great example of some substitute bars which are indistinguishable from their less nutritious are bars that taste like a Milky Way bar, or the new Mars bar ranges. These allow a seamless replacement in your diet for more protein and higher nutrition.


3. Protein Cookies

For those who prefer cookies or biscuits for their snacks, protein-enriched cookies offer a great alternative to the usually calorie-dense snack foods.

From both a macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and a micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) standpoint, cookies are one of the least nutritious options. So, having a high-protein substitute that can satisfy your cravings can go along way in helping improve your diet.

A good option is ready-made cookies, such as the Ph.D. Protein Cookie or Buff Bake Cookies. But, you can also make your own by mixing protein powder with oven-bake recipes.


4. Protein Sauces

Protein sauces are great additions to almost any meal and can save you a huge amount of empty calories. Cream-based sauces can be a significant contributor to calorie intake, so replacing these with protein-enriched alternatives can help with both muscle gain and weight loss.

There is also a wide range of flavours, from sweet to savory so that you can stack your fridge with options for different meals, and different tastes.



5. Protein-enriched Grains

Protein-enriched grains are another relatively new addition to the protein supplement range. Protein-enriched porridge and pasta are now widely available, as well as bread.

These can act as a great base for a high-protein diet, as carbohydrates are still the most consumed nutrient for most cultures.

So, protein-enriched grains can help fortify your diet with protein right through every meal. They can also offer a great alternative for those who crave starchy foods after training, or throughout the day.


Take-home Points

  • Sweet sources of protein can help make your diet more enjoyable, effective, and sustainable.
  • Thanks to recent advances in protein supplements, replacing sweet foods in your diet with high-protein alternatives is now easier than ever.
  • For those looking to add protein to their diets, protein sauces, and powders are best.
  • For replacing certain comfort foods with high-protein alternatives to help weight loss, protein bars, grains, and cookies would suit best.

Article courtesy of Amy Boyington.

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