Paul Clucas: Forward Leaning into 2018

It’s not all about the destination, you have to enjoy the journey!

I avoided any major injuries and generally was pleased with my performances this year.

I put this down to consistent and structured training set by my coach, eating well through natural foods and supplements to bolster the demands I put on the body, overall staying healthy. With all that in place how will I continue to improve in 2018? Good question, my theory is that you can always improve, if you work hard.

On reflection 2017 went really well, competing in the major championships, finishing 8th in the European Duathlon Championships, 16th in the European Triathlon Championships and 24th in the World Triathlon Championships.

One area I certainly could improve on is sleep. Sleep is so important, after two training sessions a day and a full time job the body needs to rest, this is when the magic happens after all. This is an area I struggle with, trying to juggle life is difficult but being organised is key. Being organised helped me eat better this year, going to work without a pre-prepared healthy lunch is just asking for trouble, you end up eating the wrong things at the wrong times. So with this sorted and the support of Monster Supplements for additional key nutrients before, during and after training, maybe I can focus on better sleep patterns next year whilst maintaining all the other stuff that makes it work.

I have sat down and mapped out what I would like to do next year. My ‘A’ race next year will be the World Triathlon Championships which will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia in September. Previous years I have also competed at the European Championships at both Triathlon and Duathlon but I have decided both due to cost and time that everything will be geared towards the Gold Coast from this point forward.

It’s easy to get distracted through the year and enter events that don’t complement your main event and more so can sometimes easily detract from it. Basically if it’s not within the plan and forms part of the building blocks to my A race then I won’t be doing it. This doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy other events, it’s just a case of trying to be the best I can be and that necessitates complete focus, in my opinion.

So the first stage will be to continue to do things I can’t fit in during the season, these include mountain biking, Velodrome riding, cross country and more strength and conditioning plus training with the club, none of which to numbers, the mind needs a rest as well for a while. This should keep me fresh, injury free and build a strong base. From February time I will go back on to a structured plan with my coach.

As always I am looking forward to going over the Mallorca in March for what is always a great week of training with nothing to think about other than riding the bike, eating and sleeping, all of my favourite things haha.

After this the focus will turn to sharpening up in and attempt to qualify for the Australia. I will be attempting to qualify to race in Aquathlon, Sprint and Standard distance triathlon, no mean feat but always aim high. The programme in Australia is such that this is possible as the different events are spread over a week, I just need to qualify now!

So that’s the basis of my competitive year looking ahead to 2018, other events may get scheduled in along the way but in essence everything else will be built around and complement my main event.

Main ingredients required for 2018:

  • Sleep
  • Keep to the structured plan (consistency is key)
  • Eat well
  • Utilise nutritional support from Monster Supplements
  • Avoid injury
  • Stay happy and enjoy the journey as well as the destination

By Paul Clucas

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Savannah Westerby, BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. IG:@savannahwesterby
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