Carb Killa Spread White Chocolate Cookie Review

Carb Killa Spread White Chocolate Cookie Review

Like everyone else, I was eagerly anticipating the release of the latest Grenade Carb Killa product: high protein chocolate spread available in three flavours; white chocolate cookie, milk chocolate and hazel nutter. So, of course, the moment it arrived at Monster Supplements I had to try it for myself.

The white chocolate cookie option was my first choice, as it promised to encapsulate the taste of my favourite bar of the range. At 360g a tub, around the same as a supermarket jar of peanut butter, the jars are fairly generous. Personally, I would use a portion size of 15-30g (less than the recommended 33g) which gives me a fair few servings, assuming I’m sensible that is!

First impressions upon opening the jar were mixed. The crispy pieces are plenty and evenly distributed throughout however it lacks the strong milky bar smell of the bars that I expected to be hit with, in fact it doesn’t really smell like anything at all. Thankfully, this was made up for by the taste! I tried the spread first on rice cakes and second on a bagel (bagel is by far the best combo) and was extremely impressed. It tastes like the white chocolate that you ate as a child melted with rice krispy pieces in. I’m a crunchy over smooth peanut butter person so appreciated the added texture.

Nutrition wise, the low sugar content is the main selling point for me at less than 2g per recommended serving. 7 grams of protein isn’t anything worth bragging about but you’ve got to appreciate the effort to make the macros more appealing and the protein used is of high quality, choosing to add whey over cheap substitutes which make up the bulk of many bars on the market. The entire ingredients list is very easy to understand, simple and impressive.

Overall: 8.5/10

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