Mallorca Draft Legal Olympic Triathlon

As the season starts to ramp up here I am in Mallorca for my second event in as many weeks.


The start list was impressive with quite a few elites taking part, namely Will Clarke and Patrik Nilsson from team BMC racking up right next to me, no pressure. I had arrived on the island a couple of days earlier so had chance to register and get sorted before the event, never a good idea to just turn up to an event without having checked out the course first, like to know what I am letting myself in for and it really does help on race day so there are no surprises.


Race day and the weather was glorious, no clouds just wall to wall sunshine. The water was crystal clear and a nice temp but the swim was still in a wet suit. The race is a beach start which involves a running start and dive into the water, I like these as I love the hustle and bustle of it all. On the day, the wind had got up a little and made the swim tough. I took a couple of blows and gave a couple back as well as taking a mouthful of sea water but nothing too bad. It was difficult to see the buoys at times with the swell but it made it fun and extra challenging. I was pleased to come out in 20:27, a little short in distance but a good time for me and well up the field.

Swiftly through T1 and out onto the bike, I was quickly joined by a guy from Stockholm who asked if I was a strong cyclist, this is my strongest element so I thought great let's work together. However, within 6-7km he broke away as he was a monster on the bike. I went to the halfway point with a small group that didn't really want to work but at the turnaround point another 3 fast guys caught us and we started rotating on the front to form quite an effective chaingang, (this is where you are constantly rotating the front rider to move faster as a unit).


This kept me working hard all the way and as a result I thought I would need to ensure I was hydrated and fuelled for the run. Taking on 2 gels and 750ml of liquid on the bike which was hard work but should have seen me through the run. Now the course is slightly short in distance and as a result my target was to dip under 2hrs.

Coming off the bike in 1.01:17 I was on target to achieve this but despite having a good first lap of three I suddenly got a stitch! Not good, it stopped me dead, I had to walk a little then reduce my run speed for the last two laps to what for me, was 10k training pace! Not happy as I could sense the target slipping away, every time I tried to up the pace the stitch came back, I had little option but to maintain the pace and get to the finish!


Finishing in 2.01:11 on reflection I am reasonably pleased, my swim was good and bike strong, it was only my run that let me down. I will however learn from it and hopefully avoid the stitch situation at my next event which is another Olympic distance at Deva in Chester, this time a qualifier for the World Championships followed up by the fast approaching European Triathlon Championships at the end of June.

We continued our training on the island for the remainder of the week getting in a few sea swims and of course the iconic Sa Callobra bike ride in which I ascended in 40mins which was 7 mins faster than in Feb.

I am improving all the time as the main part of the season fast approaches and will hopefully peak at the right times.


Once again a big shout out to MyEndurance for keeping me fuelled before, during and after events and training for your continued support.


Never underestimate the importance of correct nutrition, after all, you wouldn’t drive to London with an empty fuel tank would you? So don’t expect the body to work without the correct amount and quality of fuel!


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Paul Clucas is a Firefighter and Triathlete based in East Yorkshire.
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