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So, this month is all about the numbers and an injection of speed. Before you think the worst of me, when I say an injection of speed, I actually mean it’s time to ramp up the pace, as race preparation phases have now begun and it’s time to review the numbers from the arduous winter phase of base miles, strength and technique.

The big decision this month was to try and target a few long standing personal bests that have been set in stone since 2015, in particular a new 5km and 10km times, and a new 400m swim time where to be my biggest targets.

Firstly, as a participation head coach, director/chairman of a triathlon club I often put others first. However, as we now have seven excellent coaches at the club that are more than capable of producing some quality sessions it was about time I decided to slacken the reins and try and share the work load among the other volunteers at the club and have a little me time.

Secondly, as a coach I very rarely get coached myself unless it’s by a session I wrote so I decided id join in with some sessions away from my club and put myself in an environment where I can just focus on my own training, not have to stop my session due to problems, and also have another coach present that is more than happy to pull my technique apart from their point of view. I know this kind of sounds selfish, but trust me, I often give 2 hours a day minimum every single day to the triathlon club I founded and that is every day since October 2013, so I feel I deserve a little time out once in a while.

My first port of call was to join in with a select group of runners down the local track that is coached by a local runner who was a sub 30-minute runner during his peak performances and he also owns the local family ran running store. His athletes range from an up and coming 30-minute teenager with a big future, my physio who runs 15 minute 5km, an elite triathlete and an ex Olympian track runner, so as you can envisage I was going to get my arsed served to me on a plate. My first track session composed of 400 metre reps where I managed low 70s per lap so with time this should equate to the sub 17 minute 5km I desire. What I shouldn’t be admitting too is that I actually was forced into taking two reps out as I was so anaerobic I could not recover in the short time he set for the other athletes that were just blistering.

My second port of call was to visit a guy I know through the triathlon coaching circles who has grown a fantastic reputation in swimming biomechanics. We video recorded my swimming from every angle and pulled it apart frame-by-frame and adapted my bio-mechanics slightly to suit my range of motion especially from the shoulder joint. Within 30-minutes I felt so much more efficient and I walked away with a feeling my new target 400m was going to be achievable. What I didn’t know however was that two swim later I smashed my two-year stale record by 22 seconds which equates to 5.5 seconds per 100m metres quicker. Wooo hooooooooo.

With my newly found confidence I am feeling optimistic about this season, and I feel I will be pulling some good performances out of the bag. Numbers are a little behind from this time last year, but then again, I have purposefully started a little later as iv dropped the duathlon season to finish my dissertation. Life sometimes is all about sacrifices and I know the degree will be worth it, I know the time iv sacrificed into the club for all of these years have been worth it and I know I will leave a legacy for years to come. For now, however, it’s time to concentrate on me.

Thanks again to all my sponsors, without you I would never get to compete, and once again thank you to my family for your ongoing support,

Yours in health Coach Craig.        

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