CNP Pro Flapjack – A Bar for All-Time

CNP Pro Flapjacks have been on the shelves of supplement stores and gyms for many many years, and still are to this day. This is testament to the quality of these bars that have helped support people with their diet and performance throughout their training/competitive journeys.

CNP Pro Flapjacks contain a Protein blend of Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Micellar Casein, providing 18g of muscle building protein.


Versatile for all Users…

They can be used in a wide array of instances, and for various goals and objectives. Being high in protein and low in sugar, they offer a great hit of quality macronutrients. Combine this with the use of Oats as the carbohydrate source, then you’re suppling your body with a fulfilling, low G.I form of carbohydrates that can support you through the day.

- Great for people who are dieting as a healthy snack between meals.

- Great for bulking as a way of adding extra calories.

- Ideal for Recovery due to the replenishment of both Protein and Carbohydrates.

- Perfect on-the-go snack for people with busy schedules to save skipping meals.



Delicious Flavours…

Sometimes it’s nice to have a change, so we have the Pro Flapjacks available in many delicious flavours. This allows you to mix and match within your diet while still getting the same awesome benefits.

- Lemon Meringue

- Cherry & Almond

- Chocolate

- Chocolate Orange

- Chocolate Coconut

- Cookie Dough



Top Tip…

Put your CNP Pro Flapjack in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to create a warm gooey dessert with a lovely soft texture as a snack between meals.



Overall, CNP Pro Flapjacks offer a highly versatile option to include in your nutrition plan. They offer great value for such a high-quality product, and the fact that it has been on the shelves for such a long time is a true testimonial for how good it really is.

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