PhD Nutrition Whey Isolate - An Honest Review

Exercise has a substantial impact on muscle protein metabolism, both muscle protein synthesis and breakdown are elevated following exercise In the postabsorptive condition, muscle protein balance is negative.

In order to reduce muscle protein breakdown extensive research into post exercise nutrition has been undertaken.  Research has proven that post work out protein consumption significantly increases protein synthesis and elicits an anabolic response. Also, switching from a negative muscle protein balance to a positive muscle protein balance shows that oral amino acid intake post work out results in change from net muscle protein degradation to net muscle protein synthesis following heavy resistance training in both men and women. This would suggest that the PHD Whey Isolate shake which contains a complete essential amino acid profile would be a substantial benefit in overall muscle synthesis and could be the difference between losing muscle and building muscle following exercise.

It should however be mentioned that insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body and so post exercise carbohydrate intake would also be beneficial. The PhD Waxy Vol may be a good product to stack along side the whey isolate for post workout purposes. This would lead to insulin secretion not only boosting the anabolic state facilitated by the post exercise amino acid intake but also replenishing glycogen stores depleted by exertion during exercise. This is due to insulins ability to instigate transport of carbohydrates and amino acids into the myocyte (muscle cell) for storage as glycogen for use in energy production and for protein synthesis respectively. Insulin also has the added benefit of inhibiting protein degradation and regulation of protein translation (DNA → RNA →Protein) all leading to an increased rate of protein synthesis and an anabolic effect.

To conclude whey isolate is a high quality product which can be more easily metabolised than standard whey protein and will instigate a positive muscle protein balance increasing protein synthesis but a carbohydrate source should be added for the ideal most ideal anabolic response and recovery post exercise. It should be noted that standard whey protein would achieve the same result as the isolate and tends to be cheaper and so could be an alternative for those on a budget or recreational athletes for whom a slight advantage of more quickly metabolised protein source will be insignificant to increased overall performance. However professional athletes may lean towards the isolate as 1% increases at the elite level can make a substantial difference in competition.

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Mitch Sparke, Msc - Clinical Exercise Physiology, University of Hull
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