6 Reasons You’re Not Seeing These Results In The Gym

  1. You’re not challenging yourself

Still lifting the same weight you were lifting eight weeks ago? Not sweating buckets while working out? Feel full of life when leaving the gym? Don’t want to drop dead after the last rep? Then sadly, you’re not challenging yourself enough. If you’re not struggling to get that last rep while beads of sweat are running into your eyes, you need to change your routine and up your weights! Trust yourself, you’re strong! “If it’s not tough, it’s not heavy enough,” is my motto.

  1. You’re “clocking out” at weekends

This is more common than some may think. The problem lies with the weekend being a time to be sociable and enjoy yourselves, but completely clocking out for the weekend and losing all clean eating habits will set you back no end. During the week your training and diet plan is bang on and you feel great but, come Saturday afternoon, everything goes a little pear shaped. Stay true to your goals and compromise where possible! Life isn’t about restricting yourself to the point of unhappiness, but a “no thanks” every now and again never hurt anybody.

  1. You’re not resting enough

“Rest days” have become a bit of a taboo and are seen as a “weakness”, however that couldn’t be further from the truth! All good athletes, including Olympic competitors, will be prescribed “rest days”, which is a way to let the body recover and recuperate. Straining your muscles seven days a week with no rest gives the body no time to catch up and feel human. Embrace the rest and let your muscles settle in to their new, bigger environment!

  1. You’re not being consistent

Any athlete will tell you how key consistency is but, as a human being, you will never believe it until you experience it. The best results lay under a thick layer of constancy and I mean with training and diet, not one without the other! Training and dieting go hand in hand and the dots just don’t and won’t connect without both of these things. Get your hands on a good workout plan and a well thought out diet plan for the best results.

  1. You’re changing your routines TOO often

Most people may frown at this one, but it’s true. It’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing to do “Billy Bob’s arm day workout” because he’s offered to train with you, rather than sticking to YOUR plan! Sometimes, it’s not always a good idea to jump off of your wagon and onto someone else’s for the sake of one day, as not every workout has the same effect on everyone. Everybody will react differently to different workouts, which is why sticking to a tailored training plan is important.

  1. You don’t have a goal so ‘YOLO’ becomes an everyday word

Now I’m not saying every person who is looking for results should register for the next local bodybuilding competition, I’m simply suggesting you set a mental goal. You may have seen a picture online and think “I wish I looked like him/her”, or you may have a holiday, photo shoot or wedding. No matter how big or small the ambition, set it as a target and work your a** off to get there! Too many people go to the gym and put in hard graft “for the sake of it”, leading to boredom or contentment which can end in giving up hope. Set a goal, track your progress and reach for it.

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