Monster Guide: How To Curb Those Food Cravings

A food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food and is different from normal hunger. Low serotonin levels in the brain affect appetite. In recent studies of food cravings, chocolate and  sweet foods are almost always top of the list when people want a boost.

However, there are ‘smart carbs’ that can soothe the mind and nourish our bodies, such as whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. Below are some of the foods and treats I like to eat in order to stay healthy and to help with deal those cravings.


Almonds are a source of many nutrients, which help in the health and development of our body and our brain. Fats, protein and potassium found in almonds are all vital for healthy heart and the dietary fibre also gives us that sensation of feeling full.

Per 25g: 144.5kcal, Fat 12.6g, Protein 5.31g, Carbs 4.9g

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Berries are a real super food. They are sweet, nutritious, low in calories and the king of antioxidants. Protecting our bodies from damage by free radicals can help reduce muscle damage after strenuous exercise. Berries can also lower blood pressure and suppress sugar cravings.

Per 100g: 57kcal, Fat 0.3g, Protein 0.7g, Carbs 14.5g

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Vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet. They are loaded with nutrients for building strong, healthy bodies and minds. Leafy green vegetables are loaded with minerals that are great for keeping your blood healthy – simply blend them into a smoothie to stay full and keep cravings at bay.

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Tasty treats …

Total 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt

Total 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt is fat free, high in protein, a good source of calcium also containing live yoghurt cultures. Mix in with diabetic jam or your favourite protein powder then add in almonds for a great snack or healthy pudding.

Per 100g: 57kcal, Fat 0g, Protein 10.3g, Carbs 4g


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High protein oat and raisin cookies

These cookies are all natural, but you will feel like you've had that treat too. They will satisfy any hunger pangs thanks to the oat contents. Rolled oats are a great source of slow-releasing carbohydrates and protein from the oats will help you feel full and help with building lean muscle mass. Raisins are high in iron and a great source of fibre.

Mash a banana then add oats and raisins and mix together. Pop in the oven for 10 minutes.

Per 100g: 165kcal, Fat 5g, Protein 15g, Carbs 15g

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