Creatine and PROTEIN! Why this is a GOOD IDEA!

Creapure Creatine and 100% Whey are the foundation products for many a goer going starting out aiming to reach their physical goals. However, whilst the products might miss the glitz and glamor of supposed more ‘advanced’ products, the old saying ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ can be applied here.

When it comes to creatine, we’ve seen a range of new forms come to market over the last 15 years such as Tri Creatine Malate, Creatine Eythly Ester, Creatine Nitrate to name just a few but Creatine Monohydrate still reigns supreme. Why is this? Because Creatine Monohydrate has over 20+ years research and is the ONLY form of creatine that has been proven time and time again to be effective and safe. If you are lifting in the gym on a frequent basis, then adding in Creatine Monohydrate to your gym stack should be one of your priorities given the pleather of benefits it has. Additionally Creapure Creatine Monohydrate is the gold standard of creatine delivering the purest form available. It is for these reasons that Creapure Creatine is still top on my recommendation list for lifters and endurance athletes a like.


The inclusion of a high quality whey protein is always going to be of benefit for those hitting the gym and 100% Whey ticks the boxes for not only quality but value too. Of particular importance is the post workout period when I combine my 100% Whey with 5g of Creapure Creatine and throw back a good ‘ol’ banana for Carbohydrates. This covers my basis for quality protein, carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment and aiding in increasing my phosocreatine stores.


Below is an example of one of my training sessions aiming to increase muscular endurance, why not give it a go and hit me up with any questions and don’t forget your post workout stack of 100% Whey and Creatine!


Workout for endurance – 7+7+7 – X alternating sets

This workout is based on building muscular strength and endurance in muscle fatigue by lengthening reps by 7 and reducing weight.


(All weights used are Billy’s e.g. weight used)

Chest Press Barbell –

Heavy 7 Reps @ 3 sets - @90kg

Medium 14 Reps @ 2 sets - @60kg

Light 21 reps @ 1 set - @40kg


Lat Pull Down –

(Close grip) Heavy 7 Reps @ 3 sets - @90kg

(Wide grip) Medium 14 Reps @ 2sets - @60kg

(Wide grip) Light 21 Reps @ 1 set – 50kg


Shoulder Press Dumb Bell seated –

Heavy 7 Reps 2 3 sets - @30kg

Medium 14 Reps @ 2 sets – 20kg

Light 21 Reps @ 1 set - @12kg


Seated Cable Row –

Heavy 7 Reps @ 3 sets - @60kg

Medium 14 Reps @ 2sets - @40kg

Light 21 Reps @ 1 set - @30kg

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