Why go ORGANIC...?

Organic foods have more antioxidant compounds which in turn are directly linked to health benefits when compared with regular non-organic foods, whilst also having lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides. For foods to be labelled as organic, at least 95% of the ingredients must come from organically produced plants and/or animals.

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It's suggested that switching to organic fruit and vegetables could give the same benefits as adding in 1 or 2 more portions of the recommended "five a day"! This could also help you add 10 years to your life expectancy!

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Here are the FACTS:

  1. Organic foods are higher in nutrients when compared with traditional foods, specifically; vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, calcium, iron, chromium and magnesium.
  1. They're free from neurotoxins- toxins that are damaging to the brain and nerve cells.
  1. They support healthy growth in adolescent children.
  1. Organic meat reduces your exposure to antibiotics, synthetic hormones and drugs that are often used in agriculture.
  1. Organic food is tried and tested by governing bodies in the food regulatory sector.
  1. Organic food supports greater biodiversity, which is fundamental to life on this planet.

So choose to live longer and live a better quality of life! Let’s reduce our chances of health risks rather than trying to treat them. Yes organic foods do tend to cost more, but at the end of the day if it’s going to drastically improve your quality of life, as well as adding years on to your life…

Surely it’s something worth investing in, right? So ladies, cut back on your cosmetic products, guys, cut down on the amount of times you're hitting the sunbed and invest in something which is guaranteed to provide a return!

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