Pass The PEAS Please!

Whether it is a side of minty peas with your Nando’s or a portion of mushy peas with your Friday night fish and chips, peas are just so darn versatile.   Yet, who would have thought, that peas could also make your bran flakes float?


Pea milk debuted in the USA at the beginning of last month. It has been a huge hit in the USA, particularly in the famously health conscious Whole Food stores.

Surprised?  Well, don’t be, as it ticks every fussy eaters’ box.   Natural pea milk is 100% vegan, lactose free, nut free, soy free, GMO free, oh, and of course, gluten free. You also don’t have to be scared that your new milk purchase is going to come out a ghastly green colour either, as the milk is made from yellow peas, a high-fibre vegetable, making your pea purchase look just the same.

To be honest, however “healthy” almond, soy, coconut and, gosh, whatever other strange concoction of “milk” you drink, it simply doesn’t taste like regular cow's milk.  I, for one, am a little over my coffee tasting like a weird limp, rice pudding mixture.  Additionally, many of these milks skimp on vital nutrients and have nowhere near the protein amounts of regular cow's milk.  But, behold, this powerful pea milk is here to make our lives much creamier and worth putting the kettle on for.

Pea Protein packs a punch of 8g of protein per 1.42L (great for all you trying to complete with The Rock), as well as 32mg of omega-3 fatty acids (essential for reducing inflammation and speeding recovery).   With 50% more calcium and more vitamin D and iron than regular cows’ milk, pea protein is sounding extremely snazzy. Studies have even shown that pea protein promotes an increase in muscle thickness to the same amount as supplementing with whey protein and, moreover, pea protein is rich in the BCAA’s – leucine, isoleucine and valine, which means it can be a perfect alternative to whey-based supplements.

Brands have also been releasing the pea milk in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours to entice you with. So you can try mixing the flavoured varieties into your smoothies and coffees for an extra tasty protein hit.  Look for products which sweeten naturally with organic cane sugar, produced via holistic farming methods, and works naturally to add nutrients to the soil. Hurray! Additionally, ensure that the chocolatey flavour comes from cocoa powder, which has great antioxidant properties, for extra health boosting benefits, without the extra calories!

The only downsides to the magic milk is that it can be on the expensive side. Pea milk brands are being priced around £3.46 for a 1.36 litre bottle, making it quite a pricey option (approximately four times more expensive than your ordinary cow’s milk).  Although with the milk yet to be available in the UK, maybe there’s hope they’ll find a more pocket friendly price for us Brits.

Excuse me Starbucks, where’s my chocolate flavoured, extra hot, pea milk latte? ........ Pass the peas please!

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