OLLIE MATTHEWS: The Important Steps In Building Muscle

Before we get onto the training and nutrition, let's discuss the mind to a degree, the goal-setting aspect.

Getting Started: Goal Setting & Planning

The first thing you need to do before you get started is to know why you want to lose body fat. What’s your goal? Once you know the reason, you’ll be able to plan how to achieve it. Some common reasons why people want to drop body fat are:

  • To look good;
  • To improve health, ie, lower blood pressure, reduce risks or recover from illness or injury;
  • To be ready for a holiday;
  • To compete ie Triathlon, Ironman or Physique/ Bodybuilding contest;
  • TO BE SUPER! (Just for the record, you already have EVERYTHING you need to be Super)

Whatever your goal is, you need to be ready to make the changes necessary in order to achieve it. Your aim needs to be clear and concise as to why you actually want to do it. Set a start date, tell the people you care about that you’re going to do it, and you’ll appreciate their support throughout. To lower your body fat percentage is not an easy task, so you will need to be disciplined and 100% committed to your goal. A half-hearted approach will not work.

Why Do Some People Fail Before They Even Start?

Some people will set themselves goals that seem so far off that they get easily demotivated from day one. What can you do in order to stop this happening? EASY – set yourself realistic goals or SMART goals, so to speak.

smart IMAGE SOURCE: rajatsrivastavaim21secb.wordpress.com

Write it down

Now is a great time to write down your exact goal and why you want to achieve it, for example: “I want my body fat to be… ” Be aware that you need to be realistic and make sure this is do-able in the timeframe you want. Once your goal is down on paper, you will feel like you’ve started. This is a statement. It’s no longer a wish, dream or fantasy, it’s actually happening. It may look something like… “I want my body fat percentage to be X in X amount of time”.


To help motivate and inspire yourself to achieve your fat-loss goal, it might be worth looking into success stories of others similar to you. So the people who were at a similar starting point as you are right now and ended up achieving something similar to what you’re aiming for. This can provide massive encouragement and motivation right from the word go. It will prove to you that it can be done.

Along the way you will possibly experience setbacks and that’s normal. This could be anything from an injury, a lack of motivation, a change in circumstances or a loss of focus. If you are aware of this at the start, you should find it easier to stay on track, even when a setback occurs. Often being unprepared or naïve can lead to falling off the wagon completely after a setback, so without dwelling on it, just be aware of it.

Ready to go

If you follow this advice, you will be in a far better position to face your fat-loss goal head on. To achieve your goal you need a plan – treat your goal with the importance you believe it deserves. If you need to drop fat for a competition or event, you will have a timeframe to work with. This has its advantages as you can plan thoroughly right up to the day. There are of course factors you will need to consider to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goal in this timescale. Nutrition, fluids, supplements and training are among the most important factors to consider if you want to be successful in achieving your goal.

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