USN RAW-PRO Vegetarian Protein Review

USN have developed this new vegetarian “Raw Protein”, which is plant-based and ideal for vegetarians, vegans or anyone seeking an alternative to their normal whey or egg protein-based products while looking to increase their protein intake. This product offers a raw plant high-protein blend with essential amino acids to support the building of lean muscle. It is free from artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives and comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavours, with real vanilla components.

Although I am not a vegetarian myself, I have been using this product late at night before bed as a source of protein to supply my body with protein throughout the night, as I would with a normal protein shake. I have been using the chocolate flavour, which tastes great and mixes well with water.

Two scoops (50g) provides:

  • 25g of protein, as well as essential amino acids and BCAAs
  • 8.2g of Carbs
  • 6g of fat
  • MCT oil from coconut

Personally I think it is great to see this product out on the market as its the first protein of its kind that I've seen marketed at vegetarians and vegans. It’s good to see the top companies in sports nutrition aiming to provide products to suit everyone depending on their lifestyle, diet or ethical views.

This product is also great value for money. The 700g tub, which provides 28 scoops, starts at just £20.99.

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