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Motivation is the key to being successful in anything – to start something you need to be motivated, but to keep it up for an extended period of time is a whole other type of motivation. No matter how focused and dedicated you are with your training, motivation can dip from time to time. We are only human and if this has happened to you in the past, don’t worry about it, it's normal. However, the less this happens the more we will progress in our training and towards our goals.

From casual trainers to athletes, we all need a little incentive do to things. I compete so my incentive is not looking terrible – this is all i think about during training, doing cardio or when I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. I enjoy being on stage, but only if I’m in the best shape possible, so that is also my incentive. Someone who doesn’t compete might use food as an incentive; we all know if you want to look good you need a balanced diet of healthy food, but there is certainly no harm in having an all-you-can eat feast one night as a treat for eating clean all week. One clean meal won’t get you shredded and one unhealthy meal won’t make you fat, so don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself.

These are my favourite ways of incentivising training to keep you motivated.

Book a holiday in the sun

No better feeling than walking around a nice hot country with your little shorts or bikini on, looking absolutely top class. This may not appeal to everyone, but if you're reading this then it probably will. Kick ass in the gym and with your diet, then go absolutely crazy eating and drinking whatever you want for the time you are away. Most of the weight you gain will be water, so with a little bit extra cardio when you get back, you’ll look just as good as you did before you went in a week.


Buy yourself something nice

Because i am a total bore and my life revolves around training, the only things I buy myself are food, supplements and training attire, the latter of the three being my favourite. So every now and again I'll treat myself to some new training gear, if I’m looking good it’ll be a vest, if I’m off-season it’ll be a T-shirt or pants. Woman can use this one to buy that nice dress they want or even set a goal of dropping a size and WHEN you reach that, treat yourself to a LOT of clothes.

Here’s a couple of my top picks for the ladies and lads:

Better Bodies Clothing



GASP Clothing:



Post-workout cheat meals

Probably the most common way of treating yourself is food! The feel-good factor of eating a huge piece of cake and knowing it will have no negative effect on your body because you have just earned it through sweat and blood in the gym in unrivalled. I normally have mine after working on my legs or back, as they are the bigger muscle groups, sometimes both because its off season.

Protein bars and cookies are one of my favourite cheats, make sure you check these out:



Pick a show

Obviously this isn’t for everyone, we all train and like to keep fit for different reasons. BUT!! I have never been so motivated to train hard and stick to my diet than I have when I’m preparing for a show. It’s you on your own up there so if you’ve been slacking, it shows. Not many people have it in them to get up there alone, never mind dieting and training for so long, which makes it so much more satisfying when you do it. If this is something you've been considering, male or female, give one of us a shout at Monster and we will help you along the way! I competed last in the PCA Physical Culture and have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life!

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