Drop Two Dress Sizes in Two Months: Part 2

In part one, we addressed healthy eating and introducing some exercise in the form of enjoyable classes to kick start your fat loss with the intention to implement lifestyle changes that would be easy and enjoyable to maintain.

You may find that weight loss at the start of any plan is fast, and then begins to slow. This is due to your body adapting to your new lifestyle, and is also a survival technique to prevent you (unfortunately) losing too much weight too quickly. There are ways to beat this, you kind of need to trick your body into believing you are not going to starve!

After a month following a strict plan, I would begin to introduce one refeed meal per week – after a hard training session is the best time to have it. Without going overboard, it is good to give your body a little shock with a sudden spike in calories from carbs, so this meal wants to be mainly carb based, with as little fat as possible. This will cause your metabolism to continue to fire and prevent “down-regulation” on a lower calorie diet.

As an example, your refeed meal could be dinner out with a friend or just a home-cooked meal with extra portions of healthy carbs. My idea cheat meal would be a big bowl of pasta with a glass of Coca Cola, followed by cereal with almond milk! I would still avoid junk food as your body is more likely to store this as fat. Additionally A supplement I highly recommend to assist in the transit of glycogen to the muscles rather than to fat stores (so especially beneficial to take with your refeed meal) is one called Matador by Anabolic Designs at only £28 with Monster Supplements compared to £37.99 RRP (plus free delivery). I use this supplement a lot, it’s a staple in my supplement stack all year round.

In month two you will also need to increase your cardio slightly to keep the fat dropping off. You will be getting fitter and stronger, so the increase will be relatively easy compared to when you first started. My recommendation is an extra 20 minutes brisk uphill walk or gentle jog (you want to be just breaking a light sweat), every morning or evening, on top of your current choice of exercise. This will give your body a great kick start i a morning!

With the diet plan I made some small changes to help push things along. So for month two your diet plan would be as follows:


500ml ice cold water & PhD Nutrition Lean Degree capsule (fat burner) then a 20 minute brisk uphill walk outdoors before eating.

Upon return -

Green tea + dash of lemon

2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites scrambled with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper

1 serving Warrior Greens


1 scoop PhD Diet Whey

1 pink or white grapefruit



1 x 150g grilled chicken breast

100g cauliflower rice

unlimited green beans and wilted spinach


200g non-fat greek yoghurt

30g crushed walnuts


60g oats with water

1 scoop PhD Diet Whey

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree capsule (fat burner)

Resistance Training & Circuits


PhD Women Exercise Sport

1 banana


150g cod or haddock

30g feta cheese

150g boiled new potatoes

unlimited brocolli

dash of pink himalayan salt & cracked black pepper

Following this plan, I saw the results I was looking for. I dropped two dress sizes and found this plan was easy to follow and sustainable. Good luck with it, I hope you also enjoy it, and I’d love to hear your success stories.


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