Simple Ways You Can Help Burn Fat


Sadly, there are no magic shortcuts that will enable you to to drop body fat at the speed of lightening. If there was, it would probably be a multi-billion pound business.

Throughout my bodybuilding experience, people have told me: “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!” They couldn't be more RIGHT. But use these simple ways to ensure you are burning as much fat as easily as possible:

Lift some heavy ass weights

Taking part in a heavy weight session will increase your calorie burn HOURS after you’ve finished. Combine that with a nutritious post-workout feed, and you’ll be able to hear your body fat crying!

Intake those liquids

Everybody knows you must drink water during the day (recommended eight glasses), and it just so happens that water is a great (FREE) fat-burning assistant! Your body needs to be hydrated at all times to function properly, so help your body and it will return the favour! To help stay hydrated you can also use the High 5 Zero's which contain a blend of sodium, magnesium and potassium to help keep you hydrated.

Eat like a king

Nutrition is key in all of this, but it has been said that eating frequently during a day (six or seven meals a day) will speed up your metabolism, resulting in that all important fat burning.

Sleep more

This one is a dream, right?! When someone tells you that you need to sleep more, surely it's a win-win situation? Getting enough sleep contributes to the process of losing fat, and is just as important as your training and eating.


You’ve heard of cheat meal or treat meal, but how about refeed? When you’re cutting carbs/calories to lose fat, a refeed day will often be on the agenda. Refeed means you can literally “re-feed” your body the carbs/calories you owe it. With the advice of someone in the know, increase your ordinary intake to boost your metabolism and kick the fat’s ass! Some good ideas for clean refeed foods would be Dr Zaks protein bread, instand oats and some high protein pasta.


Consistency is key, it's no good being on track all week then, when Friday evening hits, you clock off for the weekend. Your body is a machine which will react to your every move, don't let it down! Remove any temptation and remind yourself WHY you're doing this. The result? Loss of body fat and great results.

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