Post Pregnancy: How To Bounce Back - Part 2

Progress Of My Diet Plan

As I’m feeling motivated, I felt now was a good time to update you on what has and hasn’t worked for me and my progress so far; even if it is early days.

So, as I've mentioned, I had a diet plan from some time ago. But this was based on my stats when I weighed less than 10 stone, so I knew I needed to update that. I Googled how many calories I should be eating in order to lose weight. A colleague suggested I use these principles and get ideas from my previous diet, and eat what I want, providing I kept within my calorie allowance; which all the online calculators were telling me was 1,200 calories per day.

I followed this for the first week and lost 6lb, but felt this wasn’t going to be sustainable for me. I was hungry and having so much flexibility meant I was eating the wrong foods. Soon after I was making the wrong choices and no doubt eating much more than I should by the time I got to my evening meal. This is a great concept if you are strict enough to track what you’re eating constantly and aren’t tempted to go off track, but doesn’t work for me.

This was also around Christmas time and, while I admire people who stick to diets over Christmas, I didn’t and I ended up putting back on 4lb of the 6lb I’d lost. Apparently the average amount of weight people put on over Christmas is 4lb, so I'm glad I’m not the only one!

So, after a rocky start, I decided I wanted a plan to follow, which meant I was eating plenty, had a bit of room for manoeuvre but also allowed for progression. Starting at 1,200 calories doesn’t leave you with room to reduce over the weeks. Using my previous diet plan and looking at other diet examples, my husband helped me create a diet plan, which would allow me to eat a maximum of 2,000 calories per day, with a few options if I wanted to change or even didn’t have that specific food in the fridge on the day. While I had a little flexibility, knowing how easy I can go off track, we decided I would follow the plan strictly for six weeks and then review. With me starting at 2,000 calories, it allowed me to gradually reduce my calories to reach my target over the coming months and also become a little stricter as a I get closer to my goal. With me starting this at 11st 12lb, I decided I wanted to aim to lose 12lb over the six weeks, which seemed achievable and realistic.

This is what my current diet looks like, which I am following for six weeks. Although I don’t always eat my full allowance every day, I feel full and am enjoying what I’m eating!


60g oats – 233cal, 10g protein, 4g fat

200ml unsweetened almond milk – 51cal, 0.8g protein, 2.1g fat

1 scoop PhD Nutrition Diet Whey (I have chocolate orange flavour) – 91cal, 17g protein, 1.2g fat

1 serving of PhD Nutrition Greens and Berries – 31cal, 3.4g protein, 0.2g fat

1 Nature’s Plus Age Loss Women Multi Vitamin

Total = 406cal

Mid-Morning Snack

100g blueberries – 57cal, 0.7g protein, 0.3g fat

2 chocolate rice cakes – 124cal, 1.8g protein, 2.2g fat

Total = 181cal


150g turkey or chicken fillet – 153cal, 26.5g protein 0g fat

200g sweet mashed potato – 258cal, 5g protein, 1g fat

50g broccoli – 30cal, 2.7g protein, 0.3g fat (or other veg or salad)

Total = 441cal

Afternoon Snack

170g 0% fat Greek yoghurt – 96cal, 17.5g protein, 0g fat

1 scoop PhD Nutrition Diet Whey – 91cal, 17g protein, 1.2g fat

Total = 187cal

Evening Meal

5oz steak – 275cal, 40g protein, 13g fat (or Chicken, Turkey, Prawns, Salmon)

200g mashed white potato – 268cal, 4g protein, 10g fat (or small serving of brown rice, sweet potato wedges or whole wheat pasta)

50g green beans – 16cal, 0.9g protein, 0.1g fat (or other veg or salad)

Total = 559cal

Snack before bed

2 squares of 85% cocoa dark chocolate – 115cal, 2.5g protein, 9g fat

1 scoop PhD Nutrition Diet Whey – 91cal, 17g protein, 1.2g fat

Total = 206cal

Daily Total= 1,980

I have also started going to the gym. I train early in the morning before work; doing 45 minutes to an hour cardio; either on the treadmill walking at an incline or jogging, stepper or cross trainer. I also do at least half an hour at home in the evening about four or five times per week. I have always trained at a gym on and off, so know what I need to do. But being bigger and the free weights area being busy, I feel intimidated, so prefer to do the rest at home. This will sound ridiculous to most people, however I feel like if I am going to stick with this, when I’m at the gym I want to feel comfortable and enjoy what I’m doing, so doing the resistance training at home is better for me. My husband will correct me if my technique is wrong, push me when I’m struggling and encourage me to improve.

While not everyone will have someone at home to train them, I’m not doing anything particularly difficult or that requires buying expensive equipment. So, while our baby either naps or sits contently, before I have tea, we will do various different exercises each night, including:

  • 8 minute abs
  • Crunches for 30 seconds
  • Leg raises 30 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers 30 seconds
  • Plan 30 seconds
  • Repeated 4 times

Then we will do three sets of various exercises, we sometimes focus on one body part or do a full body routine, the exercises include:

  • Lunges with dumbbells
  • Leaping lunges
  • Dips on the side of a chair or sofa (starting with my 5-year-old daughter sat on my legs; so she feels she is getting involved!)
  • Squats
  • Speed squats
  • Press-ups
  • Bicep curls
  • Hip raises

I am aware I will have to increase the intensity of the workouts as I progress, however this is working for me now and I am sure, once my confidence grows, I will be happy doing more in the gym.

It is early day’s however and I am on track.

Week of 4th January:

  • Weight loss this week = 3lb

(It was my birthday this week, so I went out for a meal. I had a chicken pesto dish and then drank spirits and cocktails – too much to list!)

Week of 11th January:

  • Weight loss this week = 2lb

Total weight loss so far = 7lb

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Working as the Commercial Director at Monster Supplements, Suzie Sonnabend knows all too well the importance of a healthy lifestyle – and using knowledge and expertise to achieve this. As a new mum wanting to regain her pre-pregnancy body, she’ll be taking on board the expert nutrition and training advice from our gurus over the next few months, and charting her progress as she goes along.
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