Get Your Butt Back In Shape


Kim K? Who’s Kim K? With these exercises you will be able to bust your butt (literally) and use all of that New Year energy to fuel a great lower body workout.

Name: Donkey kicks

Target Area: Glutes

Difficulty level: Medium

Equipment: Smith machine (optional)

Kneeling on the floor with palms to the ground, place yourself in a position with enough room to kick back freely. Moving each leg backwards, maintaining a 90 degree angle, extend up and over then bring back down into your starting position. Repeat, and then swap legs.

This exercise can also be performed on a Smith machine by placing the arch of your foot on the bar, pushing upwards but still maintaining that 90 degree angle.

Name: Lateral band walks

Target Area: Gluteus Medius

Difficulty level: Hard

Equipment: Resistance band (tight)

Placing your resistance band just above your knees, lower yourself into a squat-like position. Once you are nice and low, walk in one direction (to the side) maintaining the squat position. Try to stride as wide as you can for 12 steps and then turn to repeat on the opposing leg.

Name: One-leg squat

Target Area: Gluteus Maximus

Difficulty level: Medium

Equipment: N/A

Placing a weight on the floor in front of you, hold your balance on one leg, holding the other back. Slowly bend forward with the opposing hand and reach for the weight while extending your back leg just slightly. Let your front leg (that is on the ground) take the weight of your body while keeping your knee over your foot slightly.

Name: Side bridge

Target Area: Gluteus Minimus

Difficulty level: Medium

Equipment: N/A

Laying on your side, place your arm at a 90 degree angle to enable you to lift your body weight from the floor, keeping your feet/ankles planted to the ground. Creating an arch, lift your body with your bottom half, raising it to a point of extension, then back down again while squeezing that bum!

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