Drop 2 Dress Sizes In 2 Months: Part 1

A lot of us may have over-indulged over the holiday period, but help is at hand to get your weight back under control and to fit back into those skinny jeans before spring. Before I give you one of the diet plans I have followed in the past let me talk you though some positive lifestyle changes you can make.

Joining your local gym is the obvious idea – but for good reason, many new people will also be joining, so you will not be alone and will likely meet people very similar to yourself with the same goals. Therefore it is the perfect time to bite the bullet and get involved.

Most gyms provide classes which are the perfect way to get you started. These classes will be fun and they are often cheap. You will be able to attend a few times a week and the weight will drop off. Classes such as Zumba, pole fitness, spin biking, yoga, pilates and boxersize are all designed to help you lose fat and tone up.

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Once you have attended a few sessions, you will more than likely strike up friendships So suggest that you should attend the gym to train together at other times outside of your normal sessions, or meet up for a brisk walk, bicycle ride or jog outdoors once a week.

Alongside the added exercise, the quickest way to burn off fat is to gain some more control over what you are eating. It doesn't have to be boring – if you enjoy cooking you will find a multitude of helpful recipes online. If you are not much of a cook, there are still easy ways to ensure you are eating the right things.

A normal healthy, balanced diet should contain fruit and vegetables, this is a must! As a guide, you want to aim to fill your plate mostly with vegetables, a small fist-sized amount of meat will be adequate for your protein, along with a similarly sized serving of starchy carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta or potato. If you follow this rule for three meals a day and eat a snack in between each meal consisting of either a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, a pot of yoghurt or a home-made fruit smoothie, you will find you can keep hunger at bay.

To put this into practice this is my 1st months diet plan I have followed, please use the meals as examples which you can use and adapt to make your own plan:


Green tea + dash of lemon

2 whole egg + 2 egg whites scrambled

Dash of low sugar tomato sauce

1 serving Warrior greens



1 Scoop PhD Diet whey  

1 medium apple



1 x 150g grilled chicken breast

80g Mediterranean Cous Cous

3 x Grilled slices of aubergine in tomato extra virgin olive oil OR Mix salad



200g Non-fat Greek Yoghurt, 

Small handful of crushed almonds or coconut flakes


Pre Workout:

60g oats with almond milk

1 scoop PhD Diet whey


Post workout shake:

Phd Woman Exercise Support

1 Banana

2 rice cakes


150g Cod or Haddock with a drizzle of lemon juice

100g cottage cheese with finely diced mixed peppers and onion

2 x cheese rice cakes

This plan worked wonders for me and was something I enjoyed start to finish! Towards the end of the 1st month as my fat loss started to slow down this is when I began to plan my next months diet and began to bring in some morning cardio to make sure the lb's kept coming off each week. I was able to lose on average around 3 lbs each week (more at the beginning is to be expected).

In Part 2 I will show you how I gradually brought in my cardio and changed my diet to reach that 2 dress size drop goal!

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