Strictly Shredding! Top 5 Dances To Keep You In Shape


The majority of us enjoy dancing of some form, whether it be dance classes, with a partner or just on an evening out. But did you know dance is an excellent form of exercise and can burn a large amount of calories and help to tone our bodies?


Below are five popular dances that you can perform to help burn those calories. For those of you who have been watching Strictly Come Dancing, you may recognise them!


Waltz (ballroom dance)

A traditional dance known particularly for its gentle rise and fall. Although this is a slower type of dance, you will still burn calories and tone up your legs while performing it. For the women wearing heels during this dance, your calf muscles will be getting an incredible workout.


Cha cha cha (Latin dance)

A bright and energetic Latin dance based on the Rumba. This will get your heart rate going and your legs burning (this means they are working and toning while you dance). This is going to help your aerobic fitness and overall health of your heart and lungs. This sort of dance will also put a smile on your face and release endorphins, so be prepared to feel your stress melt away!

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Samba (Latin dance)

A flirtatious and passionate party dance! Another incredible dance that will increase your heart rate and help you lose fat. During this dance, there is a lot of leg movement including bending and extending of the knee. This will help strengthen your muscles and flexibility.


Jive (Latin dance)

A lively dance full of flicks, spins and kicks. Out of all the dances I have mentioned, this has the potential of burning the most calories. As you are moving your body so much, you will be carving definition into your leg muscles. You will increase your heart rate to a fat burning level and, because dancing is enjoyable, the fact that you are working really hard seems a little easier.


Argentine Tango (Latin dance)

A very intimate and sensual dance. This is an excellent dance to practice with your partner! Burning calories and having quality intimate time with your other half during a passionate dance.

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Whether you like ballroom or jive, samba or the tango, dancing is arguably the most enjoyable way to get your exercise. If you dance on a regular basis, it is great for maintaining strong bones, losing weight, improving your posture, increasing the strength in your muscles (particularly your legs) improving your balance, and co-ordination, and tackling stress. Not many exercises have this many benefits.


You can burn up to 443 calories an hour from dancing and, compared to an hour of walking at 200-300 calories, I know which one I would rather choose. So, my advice is get on that dancefloor and enjoy yourself whilst exercising.

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